Weird incident of arterial shaped blood clot got viral


It is true that anything could happen on this earth.  There are many weird incidents that took place in every fraction of time. Previously, it was orally informed from one person to another. Nowadays, smartphone has given it a smart shape. The incident that I am talking in this article is abouta heart failure patient who spat blood clot which exactly resemble the shape ofan artery. This astonished the doctors as they have not seen something strangelike this ever. However, it was vitally covered by the New England Journal of Medicine and got viral gradually viaTwitter.

The news was first winded in the ears of the Atlantic and was giving reports about the patient (time to time) prior to his death. Thus, the Atlantic informed that “the patient is in a  critical situation. He is admitted in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). It is horrible to inform, but he is at the aggressive end- stage of life. However, the patient’s surgeon George Wieselthaleris trying his best to let him survive.” The patient was connected to an aspecialized heart pump. This will help to increase or maximize the blood flow. Unfortunately, the process went wrong. Due to high turbulence inside the pumps, further more clots formed inside the patient’s body. The patient’s surgeon further informedthat basically, during such situations, anticoagulants should be introduced ina patients body. Anticoagulants play crucial role in making the blood thinner bypreventing the platelets action. Thus, they help in preventing blood clotting.

The Atlantic further reported that the smaller clots that were forming due to the action of high turbulent heart pumps resulted in a drastic manner. The patient coughed longer and deeper and at last coughed up a huge massive clot. It was odd in shape. The doctors kept the vulgar mass of blood in order to verify and research. After sometime, when the surgeon George Wieselthaler and his expert team unfold the massive clot, they found that the architecture of the clot is similar to the shape of any arteries or ventricles or bronchial trees having branches. It was astonishing, totally awful and matter of research.

A week later after the terrible incident, the patient got heart failure and died due to complications. This was awful. In the meantime, the news about the clot spread like a fog and became a way for netizens to pass their time.

How do you feel about the whole matter? How does it affect your mindset? Do let us know in the comment section.


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