Voice Imitation A.I, Now Indistinguishable From Human Speech!


Voice Imitation A.I, Now Indistinguishable From Human Speech!

There was a recent display of the power of A.I voice replication technologies with the recent release of an audio clip mimicking the popular podcaster and former fear-factor host and MMA announcer, Joe Rogan. The clip was Joe talking about some of the normal subjects he usually talks about on the podcast, but it didn’t sound like some fan-made video of strung together voice clips. The Canadian start-up company, Dessa, was able to develop A.I that perfectly mirrors all the intricacies of human speech to the point where it’s indistinguishable from the person being imitated. Though this technology was showcased in a lighthearted fashion, the extreme implications of its possible use are horrifying, to say the least.

Human speech is so hard to replicate because of everyone talking in their own unique way, and that not only includes how people say words differently from one another but the different ways everyone strings together their sentences. All the most minute speech patterns must be attended to for the A.I to be able to fool people into believing the imitation is real, the A.I has an undoubtedly gigantic processing load. For this technology to be able to replicate a voice with such precision is a staggering display of how advanced A.I has become, and it’s only the beginning. If Joe Rogan’s voice can be so precisely imitated into fooling everyone into thinking it’s real, what’s stopping the government from getting a hold of this technology to slander or falsely persecute enemies of the system? Critics may ignore this line of inquiry because they could reason that Joe Rogan has well over a thousand podcasts, therefore there’s a massive reservoir of voice clips that the A.I had access to that allowed for such an accurate imitation. However, the N.S.A has already been scrutinized after whistleblowers revealed their massive operation, where they were spying on the public through listening to their personal phone conversations and tapping into other sources of personal information. Though the operations centered around public surveillance were said to have ceased, there’s a good chance that government agencies are still tapping the phones of the public. With the number of calls people make per year, there’s enough audio of their voice that could be manipulated into any kind of speech using this A.I technology.

Many conspiracy theorists are primarily concerned with assassinations or political slander that was involved with political affairs, but the death or slander is always made to look unrelated to the victim’s political involvement. It’s no secret that the U.S government, being the superpower of the world, can obtain any kind of technology they want without any hassle. It wouldn’t be difficult to make a few phone calls to important people in Canada and have access to the same A.I voice imitation technology within a few days. This technology is going to be inevitably used to destroy the lives of others, anybody could be made to say anything. All A.I technology (and all technology in general) are just tools that humans use, a tool can be used for anything from the worst of the worst to the best of the best. The technology that is now entering the human experience is way too complex for humanity to reach an understanding on, we are using tools that we don’t even fully understand. Scientists don’t even know why A.I is so efficient, they just built the hardware, and it worked exponentially faster than anyone could’ve ever imagined. It seems like voice imitation A.I can only be used in the context of deception, what other use would it have? Why is humanity jumping the gun by inventing potentially dangerous uses for tools that we don’t even fully comprehend?

Here is a link to the Joe Rogan A.I imitation by Dessa:



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