Voice Imitation A.I, Now Indistinguishable From Human Speech!


Voice Imitation A.I, Now Indistinguishable From Human Speech!


Clip of Joe Rogan

There was a new video going viral online. As it recently surfaced, it shows an audio clip mimicking Joe Rogan. Significantly showing off the latest A.I voice replication technologies.

However, the clip showing a  popular podcaster speaking. Even though it was about random things. Notably, it is the podcaster that is a former fear-factor host and MMA announcer, Joe Rogan.

The clip is featuring Joe Rogan speaking.

The clip features Joe talking about the unusual subjects. Instantly, stories surfacing right after the release of the clip and in particular, calling it a hoax as AI. Couldn’t speak his voice that well. However, it did not sound like some fan-made video indicating a bunch of strung together voice clips.

A Canadian Start-Up company is developing this type of A.I.

Notably, the company developing this A.I. is a Canadian start-up company, Dessa. Also, it is developing A.I that perfectly mirrors all the intricacies of human speech. However, comparing the realistic voice to the A I. generated sound comes nearly out indistinguishable. When it’s imitating people of its input, it is also giving the Joe Rogan clip more credibility.

However, they are the ones who did create this clip. As noted, the Start-Up created this for showcasing this technology off to the public. Lastly, putting these extreme implications of its possible uses is horrifying.

Human Speech

Human speech uniquely comes down to the hardest thing to replicate. Because of this, people talk in certain tongues resulting in a variety of ways it may sounds. Also, it concludes to be harder to replicate due to how people also have different accents. Moreover, from one person to another person. Notably, as even how they string together their sentences differently.

Is this one-minute speech pattern of A.I. capable of fooling anyone? 

Although the minute speech of Joe Rogan was showcasing A. I, may it have the capability to fool countless people. This A.I. voice may have anyone believe the imitation is real. However, the A.I has an undoubtedly gigantic processing load.

Tricking you, as you believe the person on the other side of the call is your friend. 

Furthermore, A.I. may fool people into believing it’s a real person. Also, the person on the other side of the phone is your friend. In contrast, having minute speech patterns attending to speak with you about borrowing money sounding like your good friend. Also, this technology opens the door to produce a variety of scenarios. Consequently, this takes an undeniable, massive processing load. With time it will get faster.

Replicating the voice

Technology reproducing a sound with such precision opens the door for endless possibilities. Notably, this is a large display of how advancing A.I is capable of anything. Also, it is only the beginning of this technology.

Joe Rogan’s voice precisely imitated into fooling everyone. Specifically, into thinking it is real. By all means, stop the government from getting a hold of this technology. As then they are capable of slander or falsely persecute enemies within the system.

Imagine (Another article within the website)  what the DEEP Mind can do. 

Critics May ignore

Critics are ignoring inquiries career this A.I. voice clip. Provided they could reason that Joe Rogan has well over a thousand podcasts. Therefore, a massive reservoir of voice clips that the A.I had access to that allowed for such an accurate imitation.

However, N.S.Scrutinizing whistleblowers revealed their enormous operation. Also, spying on the public through listening to their phone conversations. Also, tapping into other sources of personal information. Surveillance on public activities came to a ceasing reported by an official.

Wiretapping, storing voice, may allow access to replicate anyone’s sound.

Also, a good chance is government agencies are still tapping the phones. That is of the general public besides the terrorists, or bad guys, but of the general public. With the number of calls, people make per year. The database of all these calls may hold enough audio of a countless individual’s voice.

Furthermore, allowing the audio of voice imitation to take the place of anyone. That is by, manipulating it to any single person it has in its database.  The Ai database could intergrade with the government level NSA. It is perhaps allowing the AI voice imitation to have a chance to imitate anyone using a phone.

If AI voice imitation technology accidentally fell into the wrong individual’s hands. 

Also, every crowd tends to have a person with bad intentions. It is using this technology for personal gains. Notably, it might have a chance in the future. Also, it might have an opportunity to obtain one personally. Whereas, it is slowly releasing to the general public. Consequently, it’s capable of having the use of bad intentions as well as undergoing phone calls for scamming.

Example of a bad scenario. 

For example, a person over the phone call receives a call from a loved one who needs money. However, other scams may include getting personal information by holding a conversation as your mom. Also, as well as the endless variety of situations that could unfold using this A.I technology.

We are concerned with slander involving political affairs.

Political slandering involving civic affairs could invariably happen, for example, as by someone producing audio of a political figure.

Therefore, the opposite party to blame a candent of false allegations. Notably, the technology to have proof of the claims. Hence, losing the race as the content was competing for the white house. In detail, the sound could release to the public and not have any words that this person stated. However, death or defamation unrelated to the victim’s political involvement.

No secret the United States is a Superpower. 

The U.S government is the superpower of the world. Also, allowing the United States to obtain any technology. As well as without any hassle to the officials who want it.

High-level officials may only take a couple of phone calls to Canada. Which may provide access to the same A.I voice imitation technology. However, behind closed doors, the United States might already have the technology. That is if it’s within the top-secret levels of the government.

Technology slandering politicians. 

Technology advancing with this voice imitation is finally bringing the public attention. Notably, by its capabilities that it can obtain political gains. Certainly, anybody may hear the fabrication of voices that are affiliated by AI.

All A.I technology (and all technology in general) are just tools that humans are capable of using. All Technology in ancient times, as well as, till the modern-day. Notably, to point out, only tools making mankind’s life easier. Also, to further help society.

This tool is capable to hurt society instead of benefitting it. 

Consequently, this tool may hurt society instead. Also, as the technology may allow a person as well as having bad intentions to use it for scams. However, they might use it to the best of the advantage of bringing individuals who’ve died back to life. Also, technology now entering the human experience is truly affecting our day to day lives.

Humanity to reach and understanding of A.I. 

It is almost to complex for humanity to reach an understanding. To clarify, the people using these tools don’t fully understand what it may inhold. Uniquely, building the hardware is almost like unlocking a puzzle. Also, as time goes on the problem may get more natural and harder at times. Lastly, after the release of the  A.I. voice imitations, the system is already faster as results in completions time.

The dangers of the Voice Imitation as well as the unknown factors the come with it.

Consequently, the context of deception is a lingering danger. That is of who holds the power of voice imitation A. I. What other use would it have? Why is humanity jumping the gun? Also, they are by inventing potentially dangerous technology? As only these tools are uncertain as we do not even fully comprehend them to the full extent.

Here is a link to the Joe Rogan A.I imitation by Dessa:



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