Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing The current commercial sphere is very competitive after the establishment of virtually all sorts of business. Thus, most organizations have devised numerous options that enable them to be competitive. Such firms can only be better placed to achieve their operational and commercial objectives in the competitive market by being strategically positioned and competitive. Hence, the importance of staying competitive cannot be underscored. However, most companies have developed unorthodox means of staying afloat in the competitive market. One of the strategies that have been employed by these companies is the use of viral marketing.

Viral marketing is one of the most vaunted modes of marketing in the modern-day business. The mode of marketing entails faster spread of viruses in computer science or biology. Ergo is one form of viral marketing that utilizes the existing social network to facilitate brand awareness. The faster the information spreads the more reputation the organization gets. This means of marketing is beyond the control of many organizations due to its quick spread.

The impact of Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is an essential marketing tool that necessitates a faster spread of ideas. The companies that have employed this technique of marketing have tremendously improved their brand awareness. According to Chang, Yu & Lu, viral marketing fastens spread of information about any company (2015). Most companies that have used this marketing technique have also registered higher sales as compared to the previous years before adopting the method of marketing. Despite the effectiveness of viral marketing in the faster spread of information, how the information is spread is very significant in capturing the attention of most customers.

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Viral marketing is specifically suitable for a specific age group. Most products that are advertised through viral means are mainly posted on social media to capture the attention of more youths. The advertisement of trendy fashion outfits through viral means also causes the volume of sales to increase. Other products might experience a sluggish reception when the same criteria are used in advertising them. For instance, the marketing of Honda through viral means was not effective since most people who visited the site did not actually buy the vehicles.

Maximizing on Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is an effective method of spreading a brand of an organization or person but it cannot be effective on its own since it also requires consumer analytics to be more productive (Fan and Gordon, 2014). Organizations must also use artificial intelligence in understanding the behaviors and preferences of consumers. Viral marketing must also be configured with the needs of customers. It is the needs of the customers that define the mode of viral marketing and the outcomes of the advertisement.


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