Fires across the United States are turning aggressive

As of August 2018, Fires across the United States are turning into aggressive beasts with there own minds. USA is on FIRE -NEWS!  swallowing acres of land with no mercy to the people’s homes in its path. Never before in history have we seen this environment so hostile with fires, with every year painfully getting worst.

August 5th, the most significant fires of this time of year are County Fire Sacramento, California 88,375 acres, 37 percent contained. 416 Fire Durango, Colorado 54,129 acres, 45 percent contained.Dollar Ridge Fire Duchesne, Utah 47,683 acres, 4 percent contained. Spring Creek Fire, Fort Garland, Colorado, 105,704 acres, 35 percent contained.

Asking the question of why

People are wondering about the causes of why so many in a fire breaking out in recent years. Pleading to top government officials as no answers come. Is it global warming? No, it’s the Illuminati, the organization that some call the new world order or the secret government.

These fires are starting all over the United States for their sinister plan. Having these massive fires set off in several states gives the government more control over the people. With people fleeing from their houses and leaving all they’re belongings.

The neighboring towns can’t sleep because they are scared that their city is next. Also, as the fire engulfing land so quick and spreading town to town. Making the general population sleepless and not worried about the political voting power each individual has in the government. There are more reasons than just this one.

Why is the Illuminati pushing fires, more significant and worse ones every year?

Distraction to the general public

The population preoccupied worrying about the fires. Instead of voting, the fire keeping the general public away from the polls.

A tactic usable from politic party to get an advantage in the area. As well as, this tactic would go unnoticeable to the general public. They are giving an edge in the voting polls if it hits a town voting against you.

They also can use it as a primary low population control method. Due to, everyone will listen and evacuate. Also, the individuals stating behind will wait until the last minute, testing their luck. An American economist said the biggest threat to our economy is the upcoming advances in AI, which is taking jobs from millions of American.

AI Taking over the world

AI has been slowly invading and soon will take over, all aspects of manufacturing. Gradually it will develop and take over other aspects of work. It is leaving more and more people every year without a job.

Therefore, if the secret Illuminati starts these aggressive and unforgiving fires, the population will have to work together to put it out. These jobs are requiring people with skills of firefighting, cooking, forestry, and many other skills to help firefighters and get the camps set up.

When a fire is done burning and has wiped out several towns, it then creates work for contractors, plumbers, electricians, and project managers, to mention a few. It’s downright evil what the Illuminati does to the United States’ innocent people. As well as, pointing to an Illuminati agenda or an Illuminati secret. Please Subscribe and Like the video!




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