Fishing the cosmos
Fishing the cosmos
Fishing the cosmos
Fishing the cosmos

Fishing in the great cosmos. 

Cosmos nobody expected fish. I really enjoy catching BIG fish, neven more than trick or treating, but then again I am 55.  Regrettably, I’ve never been to what I figure to be the best dam fishing hole in the solar system.   This is due to a severe transportation problem.  Fortunately, the hole still waits for me, unscathed.  One reason for this it would cost more than even our beloved President, Donald Trump could afford.  

   It’s in a place that was discovered a few centuries ago, by the first person to receive credit for turning a telescope towards the stars. It’s on one of the 4 Galilean Worlds, and by name is known as Europa. It orbits the planet we call Jupiter. I’m sure at the time, Galileo had no idea he was observing a potentially phenomenal fishing hole. Being preoccupied and overwhelmed by the fact that he had found yet another world orbiting Jupiter.

Fishing the cosmos in detail.

    Technology and our understanding of physical law have come a long way since then. We have advanced to the point that through observation alone, we can see that the surface of Europa is ice [frozen water]. Under the ice, Europa has a liquid core.  Reasoning alone tells us this, do to the lack of crater impacts on the surface. Tidal flexing is causing the gravitational forces from Jupiter and its moons. Tidal flexing causes friction that heats Europa’s core. This results in melting the ice into the water which expands and causes geysers that leave Europa with a fresh, clean, and smooth surface.                                                                                                                                                           Read more on technology and how far we’ve come!             

     Much like the tidal flexing caused by  “Sol” [our sun] and “Luna” [our moon].  that heats the core of “Tera” [or Earth]   melting the rock and iron under the crust of our own world.   Albeit, the fluid dynamics of lava is much slower than that of water.  So, even with the erosion created by our atmosphere Tera’s surface is far from smooth. 

      Certainly, nearly all of Europa’s core is water.  Astronomers have studied and observed Europa enough to know only water could have the mean density with that specific effect on spacetime in which Europa has.  If our scientists are anywhere in the ballpark. Life as we know, it was created in tide pools, which Europa there is plenty of. THERE HAS GOT TO BE SOME BIG FISH IN THAT POND.

    So, if anyone out there happens to be going that way, I would love to tag along. I’ll even supply the pools and tackle. 


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