The Power of the Dream World

Power of Dream World
Power of Dream World

The Power of the Dream World


Power of Dream World
Power of Dream World

Individuals have dreams every single night. However, not knowing the power of the dream world. As well as the mind of every human lies a hidden universe waiting for exploration. While many people are familiar with lucid dreaming. However, most individuals don’t know that they can learn how to lucid dream. However, learning how to lucid dream isn’t a walk in the park. Furthermore, there’s the terrifyingly real possibility of sleep paralysis episodes to watch out.


The waking up part

Imagine waking up in the middle of the night or dozing off after a long day. All of a sudden you can’t move any part of your body. A lot of people who experience sleep paralysis also report scary hallucinations. To point out, this due to the body being in a half-dreaming and half-awake state.

Consequently, causing the dream to bleed into reality. In detail, sleep paralysis episodes can happen to anyone, not just from lucid dreaming. Notably, those learning lucid dreaming are apart of higher risk. To clarify, because many lucid dreaming techniques could accidentally induce sleep paralysis. Individuals learning to master dreamscape have to recognize it does come with drawbacks. However, the master of dreams may allow access to realms of experience unknowable to the average man.

Different Cultures

Many different cultures take their quest into the dream world. Therefore allowing us to go to the next level with the help of various dream-altering plants. For centuries, the head spiritual leaders of some African tribes are known for unitizing the Entada Rheedii beans. Additionally, to induce lucid dreaming and bring themselves into contact with the souls of the afterlife. Another South African culture, called the Xhosa people, used the Silene Capensis root in their shamanic practice. Ordinarily a recipe for increasing the intensity and lucidity the individuals among the tribe dreams. While as a divination technique is decoding prophecies. To clarify, they receive answers from their ancestors given to them during the dream state.

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Integrating dream control

To point out, the one culture which is most serious about integrating dream control in their lives. A Culture using no help from plants to achieve lucid states. The Senoi people eventually were defeated in Malaysia. Notably, having dream centered society. Also,  that gave its children a set of rules to conquer the dreamscape. However, the teachings of the Senoi people on controlling dreams are historical.  In the light of it being ancient, they’ve called it Senoi Dream Theory.

Furthermore consists of doing anything you can within a dream to get pleasure; likewise, as many see that negative aspects of the dream world can be defeated. In brief, Due to all the Senoi kids being taught this system for dreaming.

For this reason, individuals who studied the Senoi culture expressed that their society had no teenager with a nightmare. In the long run, also revealing the nation was free of mental illnesses. However, the Malaysians conquered the Senoi people. Resulting in the actual societal effects of their dream practices are left to written accounts and speculations.

Manipulating Dreams

After all, dreamers manipulating the experience while in this realm to anything that comes to mind. However,  individuals experience dream-related parapsychology phenomena. Also, many reports and studies having individuals’ who’ve had precognition dreams. Likewise, as dreams predicting the future that comes true. Others report the experience of mutual dreams where two people share a dreamscape. Given these points, leading to a dreamscape that is not reality bound.

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All in all, leaving a dreamscape not even confining down to a personal psyche. Maybe dreaming has a lot more significance to the real world. Although more of a real-world than our society gives it credit, could the dream world act as a medium for mystical or divine experiences? The truth is (at least in this place in time) that humans haven’t grasped the full significance of dreaming and lucid dreaming. Let alone, understanding how to manipulate the dreaming experience to its full potential. Would we live fundamentally different everyday lives if we had complete mastery over our dreams?

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