The Origins of the New World Order


The Origins of the New World Order

The Illuminati goes by many names: they are known as the 1%, the World Government, the Freemasons and most importantly, The New World Order.

At IllSecrets, it is our mission to create a world safe from corruption and greed. In order to do this, we must bring the deepest and darkest government secrets to the eyes and ears of the public. The people need to prioritize the quest for knowledge and learn to know the signs of enslavement that the New World Order has in store for the human race. To develop a greater understanding of this secret order, it’s essential to become familiar with its history.

The origins of the Illuminati are relatively unknown, but what we know is that a man by the name of Adam Weishaupt founded the Bavarian Illuminati in the year 1776. The Bavarian Illuminati attracted many influential intellectuals and politicians and was created to combat injustice in the world, from the safety of the shadows.

Weishaupt was extremely successful in recruiting new members, in just two years the order had 27 followers and was based out of Athens, Sparta, Thebes, Eleusis, and Erzurum. Members were expected to be rich, docile and Christian, the Bavarian Illuminati turned down any who didn’t live by their doctrine.

Adolph Knigge was then recruited by Adam Weishaupt. Knigge became the most effective recruiter for the Illuminati and also pushed the organization’s agenda in fields of alchemy and the other “higher sciences”. There was a focus on recruiting the young and educated as they were the most docile, rich and impressionable; Perfect recruits for powerful men who were starting to develop dark and hidden agendas. Knigge also started recruiting some of the most powerful men in Germany,  inducting over 300 new members. The explosion of membership is what gave the Illuminati so much ground, they then quickly started to expand and gain more and more power from the behind the scenes. Though just a couple years after this expansion in 1785, the government banned all secret societies including the Illuminati, which was claimed to be the death of the organization. It’s not very hard to believe that such a powerful organization that’s founded on operating in secrecy could’ve continued well past the government ban on secret societies, and may even permeate through our society today.

The Illuminati works in the shadows, and does it well. They reached members in the thousands in just a few short years, recruiting some of the most powerful men in all of Europe. The Illuminati reached great heights of power before the government ban was enacted, forcing them underground to puppeteer the entire world unbeknownst to the public. Don’t fall victim to those who criticize and mock others who believe that the new world order could be pulling the strings of society to their advantage, it may be a more real and detrimental possibility than anyone could ever imagine.


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