The Origins of the New World Order

The origins of the New World Order
The origins of the New World Order

The Origins of the New World Order

The origins of the New World Order
The origins of the New World Order

Origins of the new world order. The Illuminati may fall under many names. However, everyone sees them as the 1%. Also, as members of the World Government. Nevertheless, taking an old representation of the Freemasons. Uniquely, with an important agenda to start the New World Order.

IllSecrets, the mission is to create a world safe from corruption and greed. To do this, we must bring the deepest. As well as, the darkest government secrets. In detail, to the eyes and ears of the public.

People need to prioritize the quest for knowledge. Including learning the signs of enslavement. Therefore, allowing them to awake. Also, opening their eyes to the New World Order. Whereas, secret agenda the N.W.O. have in store for the human race. To develop a greater understanding of this secret order. It’s essential to become familiar with its history.

The researching of Illuminati history. 

The origins of the Illuminati are relatively unknown. However, researchers find evidence of one man. Specifically, a man under the name of Adam Weishaupt. As he notably founding the Bavarian Illuminati. To date back to the year 1776.

The Bavarian Illuminati attracting people from influential. As well as, who are notably intellectuals. To point out, the attraction even pulling in politicians. In detail, to combat injustice in the world. Whereas, even to the safety of the shadows.

Recruiting of the secret society the Illuminati. 

Weishaupt is notably successful in recruiting new members. Significantly, in just two years, the order having 27 followers. Whereas, all based out of Athens, Sparta, Thebes, Eleusis, and Erzurum. Also, the Members are all expecting to represent as productive, docile, and Christian. As can be seen, the Bavarian Illuminati turning down people from the group. To point out, any who didn’t live by their doctrine.

Adam Weishaupt then recruiting Adolph Knigge. Knigge as then notably, effective recruiter for the Illuminati. Also, pushing the organization’s agenda. Uniquelly, in fields of alchemy. As the other “higher sciences.”

There was a focus on recruiting the young. Including recruiting the educated. As they are most docile. As well as, wealthy and impressionable;

Recruiting expansion among the lands of Europe.

Perfect recruits for powerful men who were starting to develop dark and hidden agendas. Knigge then recruiting for his own agenda. As pushing him to start recruiting the most powerful men. Whereas, finding recruits of the powerful men in Germany. In detail, inducting over 300 new members. The explosion of membership is what gave the Illuminati ground;

Illuminati starting to expand quickly among the lands. Also, Gaining more and more power. Notably, even from behind the scenes. However, within a couple of years after this expansion. As to dating back to the year 1785.

Government banning Secret society. 

Regardless the Illuminati is the reason why the government intervenes. Leading to a ban of all secret societies. Including the Illuminati secret society. Conversely, claiming as the death of the organization.

Beliefs of the ban could have set course on another agenda. To point out, with the influence they already hold of politicians early on. In detail, went and secretly pass the ban of all secret societies. Ultimately, allowing them to have a foothold among society. To clarify, nobody having the ability to start another group like the Illuminati. Essentially allowing no competition to arise in power.

It’s not very hard to believe. In fact, a powerful organization. Ultimately, the founding came to operating in secrecy. Could continue even after the government ban on secret societies. Therefore, they permeate through our community today.

The Illuminati could alternatively come as google deep mind control. 

The Illuminati works in the shadows and does it well. As well as capable of reaching out to members in the thousands. To only accomplish this in just a few short years. recruiting some of the most powerful men in all of Europe. The Illuminati reaching great heights of power. In fact, before the enactment of government bans. As can be seen, forcing them underground. However, to puppeteer the entire world. Whereas, to control the entire general public.

Also, could the New World Order already have control of Facebook? 

Don’t fall victim to those who criticize. Also, those mock others who believe that the new world order. As well as, they could possibly pulling the strings of society. Allowing to use it to their advantage; it may more real and detrimental possibility than anyone could ever imagine.

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