“The Moon is a Hologram” — Could you justify that?

The moon is a Hologram

A Hologram is basically a term given to a kind of virtual image or picture which appears to our eyes at a far distance from a flat surface.  In other words, a hologram is a representation of a system that uses fewer dimensions which can easily pack in all the information from the original system. It is formed when light falls on the image source. Keeping this in mind, many scholars claim that Moon is not an individual cosmic body. Rather it is a Hologram formed by lunar waves. These phenomenal waves were founded by Mr. Crow and his research team. They also suggested that the waves may be coming from any extraterrestrial entity present in the space. Mr. Crow believes that the moon is real when it is new or quarter moon. This theory was efficiently criticized by intellectual personalities. However, the moon is a Hologram when it is three-fourths or a full moon. Some are of the opinion that the heavenly body behind this hologram formation are extraterrestrial and was trying to make the mass destructive weapon. Using these mass destructive weapons, the extraterrestrial universal bodies may destroy the humans and survivals on the planet. Or they merely want to propagate their agendum hitting with these secret weapons. There may have an intention to make the humans slave. Or there must be any secret conspiracy running against our planet inhabitants. It’s terrible to think about something spooky like this and we don’t have any idea about the next step.

Oh my gosh! It can be the creativity of anyone’s mind or an overthinking opinion I guess. Yet if these assumptions are true, then do we have any specialized scheme or tools to deal with it? Or we have ever thought that if any pathogenic alien element attacked us how could we tackle that? Are we strong enough to fight against it or our independent existence will vanish?

Still, there are some questions bouncing in my mind. If the moon is no moon,

  • How are the tides forming without moon’s gravitational force acting upon the earth?
  • How are the radio signals transmitting from the moon?
  • How is the emission of gamma-ray radiation is still being measured successfully?
  • The moon has its existence from the primitive era. Then, why are the aliens waiting since long? Are not they able to create weapons yet or would they march on a special occasional time for it?
  • It is said that these aliens are robust and highly advanced in technology. This can be easily concluded by observing their ability to produce and maintain an illusion of the moon for such a long time. If it is so, then why will it be difficult for them to assassinate, colonize, invade, destroy, or anything they want? They could simply and reliably work for it.

Looks like a critical and witty matter to think. What are your opinions regarding this concept? Do spend your time in kneading your thoughts in the comment section.


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