“The Moon is a Hologram” — Could you justify that?



Holograms are more likely than ever, especially for the night sky.

A Hologram moon. Furthermore, in detail, many speculate Earth’s personal moon could be by the way it doesn’t rotate. A Hologram is a term given to a kind of virtual image or picture

illsecrets moon
illSecrets of the Moon

Which appears to our eyes at a far distance from a flat surface. In other words, a hologram is a representation of a system that uses fewer dimensions that can easily pack in all the information from the original order.

Furthermore, when light falls on the image source. Keeping this in mind, many scholars claim that the Moon is not an individual cosmic body. Instead, it is a Hologram formed by lunar waves.

Phenomenal waves

Mr. Crow and his research team founded these extraordinary waves. They also suggested that the sound waves may be coming from an extraterrestrial entity present in the space. Mr. Crow believes that the moon is real when it is a new or quarter moon. Intellectual personalities efficiently criticized this theory. However, the moon is a Hologram when it is three-fourths or a full moon.

Extraterrestrial Destructive weapon

The moon is a hologram making this the most destructive weapon to man. Considered a threat by the mind control it presents to the people who are born on this planet. However, the hologram formation is extraterrestrials keeping us from seeing a spaceship. Also, they may be coming and going from the Earth. For example, When it’s a full moon, it maybe when they are the closest to earth. Many individuals globally believe they are trying to make the mass destructive weapon. Aliens might be comprising a doomsday scenario plan; the universal extraterrestrial bodies may destroy the humans and survivals on the planet. Destruction of humankind, leaving the aliens to inhabit it with there own species. Or they merely want to propagate their agendum hitting with these secret weapons.

Farming humans

Written texts in history archives have pointed to humans having contact with extraterrestrials. Documented books found by archeologists have indicated to slavery in the same timeframe of mystery artifacts with these creatures. Aliens could have used humans as slaves with intentions to harvest us like cattle. Indeed, this is the explanation for hundreds of missing people reported yearly. Using the moon as a hologram to keep individuals occupied as they pick and choose who they want to eat next.


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Questions people ask

hologram moon illsecrets of illuminati
hologram moon illsecrets of Illuminati

. These are some questions commonly asked. If the moon is no moon.

How are the tides forming without the moon’s gravitational force acting upon the earth?

The gravitational pull from the sun may cause tides, and of course, some believe the moon. However, Researchers in this field of the study pointed out such an apparent reason why the moon may not affect the tides. Earth is rotating around the sun; equally important Earth is also spinning. Generally, the time we revolve around the sun accordingly generates the waves as we come closer to the sun, which causes the simultaneously more significant tides during certain parts of the year. Although professionals have found that it’s even simpler than that, it’s called Evaporation. The sun happens to conveniently pull the water straight out of the ocean, causing tides. Above all, all the waves end up being one giant flowing water. As a result, the water to turn to have an impact across the globe.

How are the radio signals transmitting from the moon?

Transmitting radio frequencies signals from the moon may be an impact from our signals hitting the H, causing them to signal back.

The moon has its existence from the primitive era. In other words, aliens are the ones who could have been to create humans.
In detail, aliens are robust and highly advanced in technology — for instance, their ability to produce an illusion. Especially on top of that, maintain the dream of the moon for such a long time. If it is so, then why will it be difficult for them to assassinate, colonize, invade, destroy. They could and reliably work for it.
It looks like a critical and witty matter to think.


What are your opinions regarding this concept? Do spend your time in kneading your thoughts in the comment section.



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