The Hierarchy of Higher-Dimensional Beings


The Principle of Vibration in the Kybalion states that every manifestation of Energy, Matter, Mind, and Spirit are in a constant state of vibration, an idea previously explored in the “Seven Laws of the Universe” article. Different rates of vibration give way to different manifestations, this is most easily explained by examining the vibration of the atoms that make up water; water in the form of liquid has more spread out atoms that are vibrating at one rate, that rate accelerates when the atoms get closer together and water forms into ice, and get even further away from each other and vibrate at an even slower pace when water becomes gaseous. In the same way, everything making up the universe takes a different form based on the rate of vibration it’s operating on. So what does vibration have to do with Spiritual Beings?

Objective science has already recognized the reality of higher dimensions that overlap our dimension, Albert Einstein even hypothesized there are twelve dimensions. The third dimension is characterized by measurements of length, width, height, and depth just like the second dimension is characterized by the measurements of length and width. To be in the fourth dimension, one would have to include a separate measurement in which to veer off from, like when going from the second to the third dimension, height and depth have to be introduced. The Kybalion proposes that this other form of measurement that manifests the fourth dimension is vibration. A sound at its essence is a vibration that produces an audible wave. If you play a somewhat low sounding frequency and keep turning it up, the frequency will get so high pitched it almost becomes unbearable, until a line of perception is passed and everything goes silent in what seems like one second. When the tone becomes silent, that’s because it’s emitting a range of vibrations inaudible to human ears. In the same way that human perception can’t perceive sounds past a certain point, human perception can’t perceive dimensions of a higher vibration and the beings within that dimension.

Aldous Huxley proposed the idea of the evolutionary funnel of consciousness in his book, “The Doors of Perception”, where every human is wired with a perception that funnels all of observable reality down to a workable medium. Huxley stated that if humans were to perceive all of observable reality at once they’d be too overwhelmed to survive, so the brain has to limit perception. He also states that those with schizophrenia, those prone to mystical experiences, and users of hallucinogens have a looser evolutionary funnel. What if humans have the capacity to perceive some higher dimensions like we can perceive lower ones, but most of us are held back by the evolutionary funnel? When this funnel is disrupted, which can even happen momentarily, the brain can perceive a more unhinged reality and the beings within it.


There are really only three categories to separate spiritual beings into: The angels and demons that have been encountered throughout time, the various mystical beings wrote about in fairy tales and fables throughout cultures and occasionally sighted, and the phenomena of ghosts.

People often relate the cause of a ghost’s presence to some sort of unruly death that they were subject to, the task of interfacing with ghosts is usually left up to Spiritual Mediums. Could a specific aspect of death hold a spirit back from transcending through higher dimensions? Since ghosts are the most widely reported category of spiritual beings, could their unruly death lead them to be stuck on a plane of vibrational being, only slightly above our own? The difference between regular people who have ghost sightings and spiritual mediums is that spiritual mediums are able to work within and insert themselves into the world of the dead when most people’s experiences with ghosts are very limited and uncontrolled. It’s entirely possible that the evolutionary funnels of spiritual mediums are wired a little loose, allowing them access to the normally inaccessible.

The next category of Spiritual Beings that reside on a higher plane than ghosts are the beings that have dominated fables and myths throughout the world for all of time. The sightings and stories of beings like Bigfoot, Fairies, Leprechauns, Sirens, Mermaids, and countless others are beyond the bounds of culture. How can people on opposite sides of the world write fables about the exact same creatures without ever having contact with each other? How come so many people claim to have brief interactions with these beings, but are never able to acquire legitimate evidence? Some might view the lack of evidence as a lack of experience, but it’s more reasonable to propose that higher dimensional beings can’t be captured using lower-dimensional means. What separates this category of beings from the previous is that ghosts show themselves as individuals, oftentimes with a name of the deceased attached to them by the living, while beings of the second category are indistinguishable between one another. Most to all of the encounters written about second category beings never mention the individual characteristics of the being encountered. Could the beings of fairy-tales be collective consciousnesses of a higher dimension than the beings we call ghosts?

The third category of spiritual beings, angels and demons, separate themselves from the other categories in two distinct aspects. Unlike the other two categories, these beings mostly make themselves known to those in the depths of intense religious practice or show themselves during ritual invocation. Even those who have these experiences, despite religious practice, interface with these beings during a time of spiritual transformation in their life even if they’re unbeknownst to it (One example being the conversion of St. Augustine of Hippo). The other distinct aspect that separates these beings from other categories is that they appear through archetypes. Where a Christian in renaissance Europe experiences the energies of the Angel Gabriel and Lucifer, a priest in South America experiences the same energies, but sees them take a different form through his cultural lens. The ability to be summoned through invocation and appear through archetypes may be a sign that this category of beings is of a higher dimension than the previous two. Anyone can have a random sighting of a ghost or a fairy tale creature like Bigfoot or a Fairy on a random walk in the woods, but only those who are in deep religious practice or at a time of spiritual transformation are able to interface with the archetypal energies.

What’s to make of this hierarchy of spiritual beings in higher dimensions? Due to limited human perception, humans can never really conceive the true nature of these beings and the plane on which they dwell. What humans do have at their disposal is the well of different stories of encounters that people have had with these energies, so why don’t people try to be more open to those who have stories to tell about their experiences. In a society where people are ostracized for talking about the experiences they’ve had that don’t fit into the bounds of reality, how many thousands of stories are being left untold out of fear? How much more could we know about these beings if objective science hadn’t completely disregarded that area of inquiry?




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