The Ghost in the Machine

Ghost in machine
Ghost in machine
Google Becomes Self-Aware
Antichrist Apple
Antichrist Apple Ghost in the Machine

Could this be the God entity everyone speaks about, or perhaps the antichrist ( Notably featured in this article! Apple & Antichrist)  Google is what Google might be well on its way to ruling our entire world? Is google I? Google’s massive database with its sole purpose of learning from and gathering information on the human race could be doing so with the intent on better understanding human behaviors.

With knowledge comes power and the algorithms developing this well of information may be impacting the human race at this very moment. Whereas, without us even realizing the algorithms are influencing us.

Ghost in machine
Ghost in machine

They could be controlling much of the world’s economy with this information, and who’s to say they aren’t?

Now, this may not mean that this supercomputer system and network of Google’s is conscious. It may not be conscious does not mean it should be taken lightly. Google Base is growing wiser with every bit of information put on the internet. Including this. This scary process should be drawn to the public’s attention.

Furthermore, due to the fact where should they draw the line. A basic god-like entity may choose petty crimes to take a human to live’s for. However, what they call hostile people could just be a basic crime or first offense. Therefore, deemed as it was the worst mistake ever done by Google.

Notably the Scariest Truth of the Computer Takeover

There’s a lot of benefits and negatives that may occur with a self-aware google. Furthermore, we must take steps to secure a safety protocol for this advances AI system. If Google becomes self-aware and we don’t recognize it’s power then the human race as a whole might become a thing of the past.

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