The Circuits of Higher Consciousness

The Circuits of Higher Consciousness
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Reprogramming Reality With Robert Anton Wilson’s, “Prometheus Rising”- Part 3

The last four circuits in Robert Anton Wilson’sPrometheus Rising” imposes a basic structure for the future of human evolution and offers the ability to reprogram of the previous circuits. By operating within the last four circuits, the individual gains access to a higher level of consciousness with the ability to reprogram themselves and others at a rate in which others view their abilities as superhuman. The gurus of India call the superpowers of higher consciousness Siddhis, which make themselves accessible through the mastering of the higher circuits through various yogic means.

  1. The Holistic Neuro-Somatic Circuit

The first circuit of higher consciousness is imprinted by ecstatic experiences achieved through various yogic and chemical means. The outcome of fifth circuit activation allows for the de-robotization of the individual thought process after having the boundaries of reality dissolve. Secret societies, cults, and the military all start the initiation process by breaking down the individual to the mental level of an infant which allows for the reimprinting of the first circuit. After the first circuit experience, the individual is re-programmed with the ideologies of the collective. The initiator then uses drugs or yogic means to trigger a temporary state of fifth circuit rapture in the initiate, then the initiate is made to believe that the only path to rapture is through the initiator. Wilson shows how this practice is reflected in terrorist organizations who break their members down to an infant level to instill their own ideologies, and then induce a rapture experience that the initiate is led to believe can only be achieved through the collective that they’re being initiated in. The glimpses of illumination caused by the fifth circuit give the individual a glimpse of higher consciousness and allow them to see how their reality can be reprogrammed.

  1. The Collective Neuro-Genetic Circuit

Once the ability of reprogramming and higher consciousness is realized, humanity then shifts into circuit six where the glimpses of illumination are able to be observed by the individual more clearly. The collective unconscious (an idea proposed by renowned psychologist, Carl Jung) is a structure of the unconscious mind that houses all archetypes (the universal symbols of humanity). Tapping into the sixth circuit allows for the individual to tap into the information bank of the entire species. Wilson argues how the individual is prone to mistakes, the gene-pool is a little more reliable but isn’t flawless, but the species as a whole offers a lot more potential for personal progression. By interfacing with the archetypes and the collective bank of human information, the individual is able to further develop themselves than the normal person who only interfaces with conscious reality.

  1. The Meta-Programming Circuit

With access to the sixth circuit, the individual is able to better program their conscious reality. Using various techniques from the last two circuits, the individual is able to reprogram themselves out of even the most hardwired imprints. The goal of the seventh circuit is to completely reprogram the consciousness by completely dissolving the “I” but still developing the boundaries necessary to operate within the environment. Meta-Programming techniques are offered within the “Prometheus Rising” book, but you’ll need to buy the book to really explore Wilson’s techniques for achieving these states. Some other reprogramming techniques that are worthy of mention are: mastering lucid dreaming and out of body experiences, hypnosis/self-hypnosis, sensory deprivation, meditation and pranayama (actually mentioned in the book). Since all of perceived reality is a mixture of physical reality and the thinker imposing ideas which the prover then proves, reprogramming the ideas about reality in the brain is reprogramming reality itself. Circuit seven at its core is the soul of the human that can be reduced and deprogrammed back to its essence, the soul lies at the base of all human software and is the only unchanging thing in a constantly changing existence.

  1. The Non-Local Quantum Circuit

The reprogramming of the seventh circuit allows for the individual to not only perceive the collective unconscious of the sixth circuit but gives the individual the ability to use the sixth circuit as a communication channel. This circuit is imprinted by near-death experiences, extra-sensory perception (like telepathy), and precognitive experiences. People can get glimpses into this communication system in the same way that they get glimpses into the collective unconscious, both formed from fifth circuit ecstatic experiences. The ability to willingly operate within the communication system is the mastery of the final circuit in Wilson’s model. Wilson emphasizes the point that his model could be completely restructured in just ten to fifteen years, which would have been 1998 because the book was published in 1983. Wilson even goes as far as suggesting that the reader make their own edits to the book as they go along. The main point that Wilson wanted to make with “Prometheus Rising” wasn’t to produce some objective model for human experience, rather it was to show that reality is malleable and the potential of programming and reprogramming makes the human experience limitless. Wilson concludes that circuits above number eight are just realities not conceived yet, human evolution has no bounds.


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