Wednesday, November 20, 2019
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Facebook AI Controls every Single brain already!

Facebook AI and Computer Takeover Computers in the 1960s are not rememberable to the general public. Also, they are arriving within classified research at the...

The Ghost in the Machine

Google Becomes Self-Aware Could this be the God entity everyone speaks about, or perhaps the antichrist ( Notably featured in this article! Apple & Antichrist) ...

Social Media and its Effects

Networking & Tech giants and how it affects people globally    Social media comprises of various social networking sites. To clarify, a few of the tech...

Artificial Intelligence: A Grim Future For The Human Race?

Competition at the global level. Artificial intelligence has almost already changed everyone's life. On September 4, 2017, Elon Musk tweeted a grave warning that “competition...

The Evolution of Communication and Meme Power through Ideologies

beginnings of Ideologies Ideologies are one of the hallmarks of humanity. Also, are around since the beginnings of our species. As well as, Generation after...

Voice Imitation A.I, Now Indistinguishable From Human Speech!

Voice Imitation A.I, Now Indistinguishable From Human Speech! Clip of Joe Rogan There was a new video going viral online. As it recently surfaced, it shows...