Survival Jungle


Survival Jungle

1. Orientation in the jungle.

This is a huge key to survival.

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2. Walk In one general direction Never Keep turning in circle. Find high ground and pick something to go towards to keep your walking in same direction.

3. Follow animal trails. Usually animals stay near a source of water, along with if you can catch can be used at vital protein.

4. Establish your priorities to stay alive. Don’t eat all your food at once, Don’t leave a water source without having a plan.

5. FINDING WATER IN THE JUNGLE: Collect Rainfall, Streams, Bamboo Stalks, traveling downstream, or down a river will likely bring you to a civilization.

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6. Create a Solar Water Still:

7. BUILDING A SHELTER IN THE JUNGLE: The shelter is vital in protecting against the elements and is a top priority. The easiest shelter to make is a lean-to out of branches and leaves.

8. FINDING FOOD IN THE JUNGLE: Don’t waste energy and time hunting animals. It’s very difficult and you need to be use a weapon like a bow and arrow which takes a lifetime to perfect. Your best bet is to trap animals and conserve your energy or fish.

9. FISHING IN THE JUNGLE: An effective way to catch them is through the use of a pronged fishing spear which you could make with a piece of bamboo



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Falling trees and branches are the most common reason for injuries in the jungle, so choosing a night camp is important. Keep on clear ground.
Common perils in rivers or streams include slippery rocks, submerged branches, strong currents, leeches and possibly larger animals like crocodiles.
Sunstroke, sunburn, heatstroke and dehydration are all very easy to fall prey to, so always keep your clothes on, especially covering your head and neck.
Mosquitoes spreading diseases like malaria, dengue, and yellow Fever.


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