Social Media and its Effects

Social Media Effects
Social Media Effects

Networking & Tech giants and how it affects people globally 


Social Media Effects
Social Media Effects

Social media comprises of various social networking sites. To clarify, a few of the tech giants, notably named Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Where people commonly referred to as Users meet to engage on multiple issues and to interact via the internet.

As time passes to a consumer of social media, it slowly turns minutes to hours using these platforms. It tends to end up being the only media a consumer needs. Especially the youths and teenagers, use it much more to acquire information.
Comparatively, taking much more consumers time within the new social media platforms to Television and Radio. This paper will examine the effects of social media majorly on children and teens.
Stalking and Fake Friends

Social media promoting an essential evil

Social media encourages the act of following people online and checking their information from time to time without their knowledge, and mostly it’s against their will. Rachel, for example, points out in her article, giving a different look into the increasing use of social media by teens. Also, shedding light onto the forever growing of technologies that base on social interaction.

Even notably going as far as talking about the increasingly standard teens are making this activity daily. However, while Katie compares this to having fake friends. Whereas, who are just after getting information on you. Likewise, or retrieving information about a particular user so that they can use it to demean them in away.

More on the advancements of Effects of Social Media

While Rachel’s article focuses on the impact of teens allowing there own personal information to be on the web so accessible, also, to take it a step farther to pertain details on how the internet can ultimately be used to harm them. Besides, Katie’s article examines the lack of privacy that comes along with having fake friends.

Similarly, pointing out that these counterfeit friends may be sharing one’s private information to other people. Both of these articles agree on the ultimate effect of social media about the breaching of one’s privacy and personal life as a result of either stalking or having fake friends.
Lack of Human Connection

Connection between articles 

Both articles strongly agree that the use of social media. Also, notably, even by teens has dramatically eroded the powerful tool of human connection. Katie argues that teens tend to spend more time engaging in social media than spending time on activities of the network. To clarify, such as building more social media relationships than they pay on face to face connections and real relationships.

Effects of Social  Media

Above all, this is in agreement with Rachel’s article called “How Using Social Media Affects Teenager.” Again, which states that teens are interested in social media networking so much to even notably leading them to only care more about their ‘online’ relationships, then the real ones; hence, they have little or face time.

Katie’s article strongly comes out and outshines Rachel’s material. In particular, on the issue of teens spending more time on social media than actual relationships also, as they tend to fail to build the essential people skills that are useful for a lifetime.

Depression from Social Networking

Facebook depression is describing to “the depression that develops when preteens and teens spend a great deal of time on social websites, ­ such as Facebook.” Notably, She argues that Facebook users mostly feel an implicit pressure to feel a sense of acceptance. This is acceptance from their fellow peers.

Rachel writes in her article “How Using Social Media, Affects Teenager” also supporting this issue of depression. As well as she argues that the teens feel the need to be active in their online friends are active too so that they can remain relevant and updated. It almost replicates the real-life relationships and replaces its importance.

The teens on social networking sites tend to need to appear cool to their peers and show them the ‘extravagant’ things going on in their lives. This intertextual congruency strengthens the claim that “Facebook Depression” exists and it can have profound effects on teens and preteens.

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Rachel also points out that most of the time. To clarify, there might be an external pressure for teens to create superficial first impressions on social websites. Hence they end up creating false accounts that impersonate other ‘successful’ people to look cool “How Using Social Media Affects Teenager.”

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This fallacious idea distorts reality and leads teens to feel that it’s necessary for social integration. Whereas, in fact, the real sense it is a source of depression as they try to fit in

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