Secret Government Initiative for Human Cloning?

Human Cloning
Young engineers working in the laboratory and using a computer, 3D printer on foreground, science and technology concept

In 1984, Steen Willadsun successfully cloned a sheep, marking the first advances in cloning that the general public knew about. In 1996, another sheep was cloned at the Roslin Institute and it was the story of this sheep that really caught the eyes of the press and the people, and it became national news at the time. Though the advances of cloning known to the mainstream are limited to animal use and the government has chosen to publicly denounce human cloning, there may be more going on behind the scenes than most realize. Whistleblowers that achieved various levels of power within the government have come out about secret state-run cloning projects and facilities where human cloning is not only fully developed but in constant use.

Many theorists suggest that the Secret Service is harboring artificial intelligence capable of cloning all United States Presidents and any potential candidates. 45th President Donald Trump could seemingly be in a meeting with government officials when in reality he’s actually 20 stories underground in a bunker under the White House, being kept safe from any natural disasters or nuclear threats. President Trump’s clone is suspected of serving as the real Donald Trump and is said to be specially trained on everything that he’s supposed to say. Connected through an earpiece, Clone Trump and Real Trump can communicate through any volatile situations that could arise. Many say human cloning technology has advanced overtime and has been used for decades on previous Presidents. Cloning technology continues to advance rapidly and it won’t be long before the clone and the real President are not required to use an earpiece to communicate.


Young engineers working in the laboratory and using a computer, 3D printer on foreground, science and technology concept

Many of the U.S presidents have involved themselves in secret societies, most notably Bush Jr. and Sr. who were members of The Skull and Bones Society accused of satanic practices. Before John F. Kennedy’s assassination, he gave an eye-opening speech denouncing secret societies within the political sphere really showing the people their government is being run by elites with secret agendas. One of the most popular theories of Kennedy’s assassination is that he was killed by those he criticized in his secret society speech. In a government so shrouded in secrecy, is it really too radical to assume they could’ve developed and used human cloning technologies unbeknownst to the general public?

Some theorists even suggest that Hillary Clinton used multiple clones to help win voters over in various states due to the fact that she gave her speeches in an unreasonably short time-frame. Theorists reason that with money in short supply, Hillary soon found she was running one clone particularly thin. This overused clone began having organ failure. Clone organs are vastly different than human organs, as they are produced synthetically. During a campaign speech, the failing clone appeared to be going into distress and kept drinking mass amounts of water. The videos of Hillary’s clone falling deeper into organ failure went viral. There were later videos released that showed a different clone passing out and being dragged into a van and driven away. A former secret service member revealed to his family that the clone of Hillary dragged into the back of the van, had died.

The reality of presidential clones exists out of theory and personal accounts, which leaves room for some skeptics to question the validity of the claims. The truth is, that animal cloning has been proven as far back as 1984 and the government has a history of dumping money into cloning initiatives. With a government so shrouded in secrecy, why shouldn’t the public consider that elites have the means and the drive to operate a secret human cloning project behind the curtains?


Human Cloning about to be Unleashed upon the World



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