Revealing the Mystery of the Notre Dame Fire

Revealing the Mystery of the Notre Dame Fire

In the heart of France stands the magnificent Notre Dame Cathedral, housing priceless paintings, sculptures, religious relics, stained glass, and organs. On April 15th, 2019, the heart of France was broken after the Cathedral was set on fire and suffered from extensive property damage. The New York Times reported that the fire was started in the Cathedral’s “interior network of wooden beams, many dating back to the middle ages and nicknamed (the forest).” It’s clear just from this general reporting that the fire couldn’t have been naturally caused, the writer in the article even makes the assumption that the fire is related to the many other terrorist acts that have been happening in France.

Even though Wikipedia suggests the fire could’ve been caused by recent renovations, it’s highly unlikely due to the massive amounts of renovations made to the Cathedral in the past with no problems. So if someone really did set the fire on purpose, then what could their motive be? Maybe some sort of heist gone wrong, but the press hasn’t released anything so far. The Notre Dame Cathedral houses one of the most important Christian relics in history, the Crown of Thorns that Jesus Christ was said to be crucified while wearing. Could it be probable that someone was looking to steal the Crown of Thorns?

The fact that the fire was started from the complex interior structure of the Cathedral is a very interesting point; Many big Cathedrals, Basilicas, etc. have complex underground systems that are only allowed to be accessed from the highest positions within the Catholic Church. These systems are made intentionally complex to allow for the hiding of different relics, books, and other important religious items that are hidden from the eyes of the public. The Vatican has one of the biggest secret libraries in the world and they are a highly revered, long established, and politically engaged organization. Like any organization with such extensive historical and political involvement, there is undoubtedly information that is only available to the highest members of the organization due to the nature of the material. It’s not such a radical assumption to consider that the Catholic Church could hold secrets within the largest and most well-known Cathedral in France. The unknown nature of such a well-known and detrimental fire only speaks to the mysterious nature of its cause. Could the Catholic Church be holding out much more information on Notre Dame and the fire that happened there then they’ve led the public to believe?




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