Reptilian Aliens SHOCKING 10 Facts answered!

reptilians aliens

Ancient Symbolism points to Reptilian Aliens
Ancient Symbolism points to Reptilian Aliens

Shocking unbelievable Questions asking from the public leads to answers. On notably reptilians aliens with real Facts answering on this rare aliens species.

Counting down from 10 continue reading to discover the facts you would of never guessed.
David Icke Speaking on Reptilian Aliens
David Icke Speaking on Reptilian Aliens

1110. How popular is the Reptilian Race?

Time Magazine’s recognizing the Reptilian races. To go further and write an article on it during there post on “Top 10 Most Enduring Conspiracy Theories” list. Reaching international attention bringing the Reptilian Alien race out of the dark.

109. David Ickle the strange secret people didn’t know.

One of the main contributors to Reptilians aliens is David Icke. Then David Icke goes on the record for refusing to wear any color other than turquoise.

98.  Half-Reptilian/humans do exist on Earth!

Ancient Symbolism points to Reptilian Aliens
Ancient Symbolism points to Reptilian Aliens

Strange enough, hybrid human cross reptilian aliens do exist. With breeding throughout history apparently, the world has more than previously recorded. The most interesting part is you may also have DNA of Reptilian and not even know it.  Whereas, many people don’t know they are half Reptilian.


You could be Half-Reptilian and not even know it

87. Reptilians are extremely great speakers only due to the higher intelligence.

Reptilian aliens are incredible with the way they are capable to manipulate a human. They are extremely good at never letting us humans think we’re not in charge. With the control in our hands it makes us feel safe. Also, it allows humans to feel as they can manipulate and control what happens. While on the other hand behind the scenes it’s the Reptilian Aliens.


66. Where are they From?

A galaxy within the Draco star system.

Reptilians are from both other planets and other dimensions. Reptilians are from Earth-like habitat, of course, recognizable as Draco Star System.

55. Reptilians can use stronger mind control on humans who don’t have Reptilian DNA

Reptilians carved into historic rock.
Reptilians carved into historic rock.

The natural blood of a reptilian may have the ability to mind control basic humans. Of course, not everyone is under the danger of this. Many people with part of Reptillian Blood may see through the lies and manipulation tactics.

Christianity Reptilian Aliens symbolism King James Bible
Christianity Reptilian Aliens symbolism King James Bible

Evidence of all secret societies may point to Reptillian blood leaders. However, many of the researchers finding high traces of evidence they are the ring leaders of the Illuminati. Moreover, how else could they grow to such power?

33. Reptilians shape-shift into any human form.

Individuals are recognizing that David Icke teaches about these aliens and capabilities. Recognizing the capabilities of what Reptilians can do, moreover,  gives public awareness of their presence.

(As one of there strategies uses the capability of shape-shift into any human. Of course, strategies are coming soon. Whereas, this test will help identify a human from a reptilian. Alternatively allowing normal humans to tell if someone has reptilian blood. A future article on how to check if someone is not part Reptilians) 


22. Knowledge of the Reptilians will be their defeat

Reptilians News at All Time High
Reptilians News sAllTimeHigh@2x Reptillian aliens

Awakening the public to these species will only grow the strength of humanity.

Not only the knowledge of this species is good to know but, it allows for more in-depth research. In light of, the recent publications on UFOs it is following up with countless encounters stories coming out.

Although this may be true, governments are still under the manipulation of Reptillian aliens shutting down whistleblowers.

  1. This species of aliens AREN’T THE ONLY ONES OUT THERE!

Of course, Reptilian aliens are not the only alien race out there. For one thing, the public knows this species more than others.

Not to mention, that is of the public knowing about these species publicly. After searching the galaxy for alien life, nevertheless, don’t forget to check in plain view.

Furthermore, people are always forgetting that there is a race of aliens hiding around the earth. In like manners, these specific alien races live in societies around the globe just like us.

However, the species of aliens are hard to find, as a matter of fact they do make mistakes. The mistakes the species hiding among accidentally do, rather than ignoring it like the past now is under research. In fact, that means all rare phenomenon that the public brings to the table is under research. Lastly, people may find evidence of alien life in the history of our planet.

Aliens among the skys
UFO chased by military helicopter.


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