Reddit symbol are demonic


Reddit has an evil agenda

Reddit has been around forever on the internet. Everyone has read Reddit. Many have heard of a recent ban on Q and anon posts. Reddit has a strong appearance against this due to them being in the top 1%. Suppressing the truth, along with taking away the freedom of speech. 

Reddit symbol even shows an alien, along with the antenna. Mocking the general public as they slowly proceed with their secret agenda. This is symbol shows the antenna as it’s on the aliens head. They feature this symbol showing that we are under mind control from this superior race. 

The background featuring Orange has meaning also. The color orange is seen as a color of Sunny, Sunshine, or Joyful, Joy, Happiness, or even said for success and determination. Many people have recognized this to make the general population be happy as they come here and slowly be mind controlled by the top 1%. 

Orange also has the meaning of very hot in color. Interpreted as hell to many who look into this symbol’s meaning. Along with researchers saying this color is for encouragement and success. (Ask yourself if you’re going to let them take away the freedom of free thinking) Orange doesn’t have the most aggressive feeling when looked upon. Red is more aggressive in top research facilities on color. This is another secret meaning of how they believe they can take the slow route for mind control. Slowly but surely is what the Illuminati is saying in representing this color behind this alien symbol. If everyone proceeds to use this website they’ll slowly be in control and brainwashed as they want. 

Reddit doesn’t ban every post on these topics only leaving a few strays that are so outlandish that people would never believe in it. This is making the users who tend to use the website think they still have free thinking and aren’t following steps to walk right into this evil agenda.

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