Reality & How Shit Works

Why do we exists
Why do we exists
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Reality & How Shit Works

Why do we exists
Why do we exist

                         CREATION: The SPIRIT-WORLD: SCIENCE & PHILOSOPHY                                 The BIBLE: HISTORY & PROPHECY: WISDOM & CHAOS


{ Allow me to explain }

Do you believe in a God, the Bible, or an after-life?
If so, “ WHY?” What in the Hell are you thinking? What about science and empirical evidence? Evolution for christ’s sake? Do you actually believe that wasn’t a hallucination you were having at that moment of enlightenment ???… Let me assure you, if you question yourself, you are not alone. If you have doubts about your own sanity I’m sure you are fine as summer rain.

This world is ruled by lunatics, consumed with lust for glory & wealth and greed for superiority. Yet, the masses follow their lead and believe all their lies because of a loyalty to blind patriotism. I would like to know what happened to the American heart & soul. We once we despised the big brother of communism. Whereas, now it is standard in our own lives. And the freedom of the press that was able to inform us of what was happening behind our own neighborhoods, that has now been replaced by yellow journalism that drags out superficial issues in order to divert our thoughts from the sneaky and corrupt shit the rich & powerful are getting away with every day

Unrathaling the Chaos? 

A lobbyist system is in itself design for the greedy and corrupt to rule. It is no more right to be able to bribe a politician than a jury member, yet one is legal and the other is not. Biblical prophecies are unfolding on this planet at an accelerated rate. How many people out there call themselves Christians and won’t even pick up a hitch-hiker. Or they pledge allegiance to the flag of a corrupt government. Is that not worshiping a false idol?

The Day of Judgement approaches and I believe everyone has some sense of this being the truth. When Moses came down from the mountain, he said the fire in the bush burns in every man. I believe he was speaking of the holy ghost and we are all part of it. Also, I believe the bible is full of profound wisdom. I find it when I consume it metaphorically rather than literally. Literally it just doesn’t add up. Metaphorically it becomes scientifically sound.

If this at least seems intriguing check this site occasionally to see how easily it all makes perfect sense. Just dare to take a look at a poem I wrote explaining the reason for human existence. “Why We Exist” chapter 2 of Reality & How Shit Works




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