Young engineers working in the laboratory and using a computer, 3D printer on foreground, science and technology concept

Does the President of the United States Clone?

There is a reason to believe that the Secret Service is harboring artificial intelligence capable of not only cloning but cloning all United States Presidents and any potential candidates. 45th President Donald Trump was believed to stay awake for 24 straight hours in a meeting with Kim-Jong II, risking his life in the process. The truth is, President Trump was in a secret, 20 stories deep bunker under the White House is kept safe from any natural disasters or nuclear threats. President Trump’s clone is serving as the real Donald Trump as it is specially trained on everything that is supposed to say, Connected through an earpiece, Clone Trump and Real Trump can communicate on all situations that arise. This technology has advanced overtime and has been used for decades on previous Presidents. The technology continues to advance rapidly and it won’t be long before the clone and the real President are not required to use an earpiece to communicate.


Young engineers working in the laboratory and using a computer, 3D printer on foreground, science and technology concept

There is speculation that could prove that clones are out there. Bill Clinton’s clone was not properly trained, consider though that the cloning process was still in an early stage. The clone of Bill Clinton had an affair with Hillary Clinton and eventually intern Monica Lewinsky. The clone was executed as they are considered personal property, and have no souls.

There is also reason to believe that Hillary Clinton herself, used multiple clones to help win voters over in various states in unreasonably close time frames. With money in short supply, she soon found she was running one clone particularly thin. This overused clone began having organ failure. Clone organs are vastly different than normal organs, as they are chemically produced, not genetically. During a campaign speech, the failing clone appeared to be going into distress and kept drinking mass amounts of mater. The videos of Hillary’s clone falling deeper into organ failure went viral. There were later videos released that showed a different clone passing out and been dragged into and taken by a van. A secret service member revealed to a family member that the clone from the van was dead.

We may never know how many Presidential clones are out at one time, what happens to the clones once the President is no longer in office. If we ever find out more information, it will be released here first.

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