PREP QUICK GUIDE, Forest, Desert, Jungle,

PREP QUICK GUIDE, Forest, Desert, Jungle,

Facts Survival Forest

Master your attitude: A survival situation is not the time to panic. You are more likely to survive a difficult situation if you focus on maintaining a positive, proactive attitude.

Make an insulated shelter: Building an effective shelter can help protect you from hypothermia — and the elements.

Make a shade shelter: In some situations, protection from heat will matter most

Find clean water: Finding

Know these knot: All outdoors people should know a variety of knots. When it comes to survival, make sure you have these two at the ready.

Make a spear: With a simple spear, you can improve your odds of catching a fish or other small game.
Survival Swamps
Secure a weapon
Make Your Own Weapon
Tell the alligator you are there
Build a shelter.
Start a fire
Boil water for drinking
Mud to protect from insects
Watch your step
Avoid drowning
Gather food
Know the beasts that might lurk
Set up a swamp bed
Avoid jungle rot
Make the night bearable
Water vine is your alternative to swamp water

Survival Deserts
Share your plans. Tell someone where you are going and when you plan to be back.
Do not depend exclusively on a cellular/mobile phone.
Instead of relying unduly on a cell phone, especially for your more ambitious wilderness excursions, consider the rental or purchase of a satellite phone.
A CB or ham radio is another option.
Consider carrying one of the handheld GPS devices now available.
You can also purchase a personal locator beacon (PLB)
Make sure you are using a vehicle meant for desert terrain.
Listen to your body. Bring sufficient water for each person traveling with you.
Respect the heat.
Be prepared for emergencies.

Survival Jungle
Orientation in the jungle
Walk-In one general direction
Follow animal trails
Establish your priorities to stay alive
FINDING WATER IN THE JUNGLE: Collect Rainfall, Streams, Bamboo Stalks

Create a Solar Water Still:
BUILDING A SHELTER IN THE JUNGLE: The shelter is vital in protecting against the elements and is a top priority. The easiest shelter to make is a lean-to out of branches and leaves.

FINDING FOOD IN THE JUNGLE: Don’t waste energy and time hunting animals. It’s very difficult and you need to use a weapon like a bow and an arrow which takes a lifetime to perfect. Your best bet is to trap animals and conserve your energy or fish.

FISHING IN THE JUNGLE: An effective way to catch them is through the use of a pronged fishing spear which you could make with a piece of bamboo

Falling trees and branches are the most common reason for injuries in the jungle, so choosing a night camp is important. Keep on clear ground.

Common perils in rivers or streams include slippery rocks, submerged branches, strong currents, leeches and possibly larger animals like crocodiles.

Sunstroke, sunburn, heatstroke, and dehydration are all very easy to fall prey to, so always keep your clothes on, especially covering your head and neck.

Mosquitoes spreading diseases like malaria, dengue, and Yellow Fever.


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