Portals to other worlds? Has Hell really come to Earth? Or perhaps just an unexplored world just under our feet


Speculating different worlds

Dimensions within Earth

Secret worlds or just parral universe’s. Perhaps just an unexplored world just under our feet. People speculate that there is a center Earth. Others many believe there are alien bases among our soil as we walk. Some things science just cannot explain. With many different opinions out there we want to know what you think.

A famous story many have heard about was a man with a passport from a country that was unheard of. It was called Taured and he happened to randomly show up in a Airport. On him was passport from this country along with it be a heavily secured Airport located in Tokyo many speculate that this is a bizzare but true case.

That case might be wild, but now there has been another case reported but not by a random individual showing up. This case happens to be about 4 girls who actually took a wrong turn on a road. While driving on the road for a while they see 4 men standing on the road after stopping the men approached the car after seeing they’re unusually tall, they notice they aren’t human. The story goes that they freaked out and were chased around but eventually the individuals stopped. Then they arrived alive and told the story.

illSecrets bringing you the latest content and we want to do in-depth research on all content of these basis. Could they possibly be impressions from other worlds? Other dimensions? Or is it just an unexplored world hidden just beneath our feet? let us know which one interests you.




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