Piri Reis Map Ancient map uncovering UNBELIEVABLE mystery!

Piri Reis Map
Piri Reis Map

Ancient civilization discovered

Piri Reis Map
Piri Reis Map

An ancient civilization left behind the discovery of the well known Piri Reis Map. Also, leaving researchers and historians flabbergasted. Notably, the map dated nearly back to the date of the 1500s. Lastly leaving many to ponder the idea of how a civilization could have got an accurate map to almost unbelievable precision.

The precision of ancient Explorers 

These ancient explorers counted on these maps to be able to one day find there way home. However, the Piri Reis Map had a remarkable precision of complete coastlines. However, researchers documented the discovery didn’t occur until later years.  Nevertheless, it didn’t stop there, even describing in detail mountain ranges along with islands. With attention to the remarkable standpoint as this was before any other map recovered. Lastly, leaving a long period with barely any details discoveries on artifacts of navigation.

Creating the Piri Reis Map

Ultimately based on about 20 other maps was how the Piri Reis map came about. Additionally, created in various languages spoken within the years of the 1500s. Notably, even Christopher Columbus, the great explorer of the United States contributed to this map. This ancient map wrote on gazelle skin parchment. In contrast to navigation on smartphones, sizing this map ended up with measurements of thirty-five inches by twenty-four inches. To be noted, it completely baffled historians at its discovery shook history.

Featuring coasts globally

Discovering the well known North America. As well as, South America was thought to be in later years. On the contrary with the discovery of the Piri Reis Map Notably, making a remarkable historic change in how to view ancient civilizations. Additionally, in the lands of the Americas. Ultimately, changing the national researcher’s answers to the time frame of humans exploring the globe. Lastly, this set historian’s previous thoughts on how far humans exploring capabilities are in ancient times.

Creating and Accurate Landmarks

Artifacts pointed towards the creation of this map to occur around the year 1513. Notably even showing Antartica with accurate landmarks. To point out, also showing where ancient icy land would sit if it melting didn’t occur by global warming. Again, Antarctica displayed within the map with accurate details even to ice melting to water. In the light of military intelligence under control by Ottoman and Cartographer Piri Reis. With this in mind, Those individuals ordering a scouting team to explore strange mystery lands, causing the creation of this map.


What’s left of the Map

Today only ⅓ of the map shows. On the other hand, a point often overlooked is how advanced previous nations are. Above all, the first indication of human ancestors occurring around 5 to 7 million years ago. In spite of roughly only 500 years ago provided that actual proof of high intelligence in aspects of navigation. Additionally, Making humans who traveled among Earth during the 1500s reasonably new to human life. However,  unless already far more advancements occurring within the same time frame happened in spite of no such recovery yet.

Christopher Columbus’s journey

Markley individuals pointing towards the lost of ancient artifacts due to time. In the view of truely proving this theory. However, the Discovery of ancient artifacts occurs yearly through many research facilities. Although this may be true, on the contrary, this map was notably claimed to be apart of Christopher Columbus’s journey. Most compelling evidence that the Peri Reis map was used as a source to establish another chart to help Christopher Columbus. As well as leading to the discovery of America.

Another critical point is this entire map, notably based on a pre-modern exploration of the Antarctica coast. With attention to human’s navigations didn’t indicate this as Antarctica existing even though the discovery of Antarctica didn’t occur for hundreds of years after the establishment of the map.

Who? What, Where.

To point out that the discovery and documentation of the Peri Reis map happen to occur in 1929 on October 9th. Discovering Peri Reis map came about with the tremendous philological work of a German theologian named Gustav Adolf Deissmann. However, to point out was when the discovery occurred, it also showed many unknown southern lands and many islands.

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The Unknown Details

There are also unexplored details hiding specific details from the general public. Surprising showing land where nobody has ever explored before. How would they explore Antarctica with fundamental wood shifts as researchers discovered they had? Necessary to realize the navigational skills producing an advanced map would occur, developing through an individual with an expert in this field. However, surprising ancient civilizations may have advanced farther along then individuals recognize. More researching on this topic will occur by illSecrets on how they could have the advancement of such high intelligence in the navigation to bring this map alive. As of now, this is a map that’s hard to forget. Don’t forget to leave feedback on what your mind is speculating!


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