Oregon Hunter ARRESTED in Bigfoot Shooting?


Oregon Hunter ARRESTED in Bigfoot Shooting?

Bigfoot has been seen in many different environments by many different civilizations all over the world. The Sasquatch, Canadian Wendigo, South-American Maricoxi, Mongolian Almas, and the Australian Yowie are all names for the same elusive beast that’s encountered deep in the forest. The Bigfoot stands much taller than the average human and is covered in fur, far more intelligent, and is smarter than any other creature in the forest possibly even humans. Many different claims have been made about the Bigfoot’s abilities, some suggest their race rules over all animals and are guardians of the forest, others claim that they’re a higher dimensional race, but there’s no questioning the Bigfoot’s amazing camouflage skills and their agility. Though many argue about various logistics of the Bigfoot race, every sighting shows just how impressively the Bigfoot is and how it uses its’ body to blend perfectly into its environment at an incredible rate.

One hunter from Coquille Oregon decided to spend a day deep in the forest, outside of city limits he expected to have a good hunt taking advantage of the largely untouched terrain. Through pure chance, the man ended up shooting a Bigfoot and was quickly arrested by the local sheriff’s department for harming this ancient species. Undoubtedly to cover it up, the FBI, the CIA, and top government officials refused to release any information on the hunter, or the being encountered.

The local coastguard was seen doing extensive drills in the area after this incident occurred. Many locals believed the coastguard was in preparation for some major event or maybe a catastrophic attack. There were more and more who claimed to encounter Bigfoots in the surrounding area after the initial incident, which continue even today. This must be why the local coast guard had become so alert and started intense training, they needed to prepare for any possible conflicts. What could the end product of all this be?


Coquille is known for being bountiful in gold. This is written in history books, along with ancient tales from native tribes who’ve lived there for millennia. This must be why Bigfoot sightings have been so frequent in this area. Coast Guard rumors have surfaced of a secret underground spacecraft that harbors the hub of the Bigfoot race, who are looking to harvest gold and other precious minerals to power their ship.

Military forces in the local area have advised all locals not to enter the woods. Despite government warnings, the locals are still hunting and combing through the woods looking to stumble upon the next Bigfoot so they can make the headline news. Local hunters are being locked out of well known hunting spots such as; Weyerhausers, Manasha, Coos County Forest, and the greatest spot for gold, the Sixes River. Don’t be fooled into thinking that the local hunters being restricted from certain areas is pure coincidence.

If you’re local to the west coast of Oregon we recommend you to stay clear of all woods. If traveling to Oregon, don’t try and go looking for this creature as the journey is highly dangerous. If you do happen to come across one of these beings it’s smart to just walk away, if the Bigfoot doesn’t get you the government probably will!


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