Nuclear Holocaust signs


Nuclear Holocaust signs

These Signs may help save your life.


Nuclear Holocaust can happen at anytime.Whoever is in office as president, leader, dictator of any country may experience this type of threat.  Many great individuals in a leader position  face many high stress moments where they could get upset or upset the wrong country. The button is easy to press but the effects will be there forever. It doesn’t just effect the individuals in the country involved but neighboring countries if not the world. There’s samples of where they’ve tested this type of warfare along with sights of plants going wrong, with one war that used nukes. Still with plenty of radiation at a not so healthy level. The number one sign is your local news. Spiking tensions between nuclear countries. The second signs is maybe high military presences. Third sign could even be rumors online.Nobody wants a nuclear war but it may happen. This will be expanded in the future and will brings you cutting edge news and things to know on this subject that’s pointing in a scary maybe dooms day direction. Thank you for Reading, Please feel free to comment! Don’t forget you can post Article from your personal knowledge, Research, and of course ideas and personal experiences.

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