North Korea Is Now Mapping Specific Plans for a Deadly EMP Attack on the U.S. Warning!


   North Korea Is Now Mapping Specific Plans for a Deadly EMP Attack on the U.S. Warning!

                         An EMP attack on the US

On Monday, November 20th, North Korea issued a veiled nuclear strike threat to Japan and vowed to make their country

“disappear at once.”

if Tokyo continued with what Pyongyang termed

“war hysteria.”

North Korea is notably threatening to carry out the same attacks on U.S soil, in either case, leaving our government to develop a plan of defense. All in all, just in case the threats carry legitimacy.

Many are realizing that North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong-un is promising an attack for as we sit waiting as a duck in a pond. Whereas, time to no avail, leaving the people and government officials to take his claims with a grain of salt.

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Nobody is left to take Kim Jong-un seriously except the people living under his reign with the media continually bashing him for his empty threats. However, the people of the world shouldn’t turn a blind eye to the risks of North Korea;

Though the majority of threats made are empty. In spite of, all it takes is one not to be. Including, as time continues on every day where they keep pushing the development of legitimate technology to make this a real accusation.  However, nobody will see their attack coming because they didn’t believe North Korea had the means to develop and employ war machines.

Recent news on warnings of North Korea

Recently, President Trump warning that North Korea has been in the process of mapping plans for a devastating attack on the US. Trump also hears that they’d use an atmospheric nuclear explosion.

Also, disabling the nation’s electric grid for days, months, and maybe even years. The power outage would result in countless deaths caused by the widespread famine and starvation that the population would face without access to electricity.

(Nuclear holocaust may occur from a devasting attack from either party.)

In the latest call to action, experts of war technologies, military officials (of multiple countries). As well as, President Trump is developing a special commission to diffuse the potential of an electromagnetic pulse attack;


They will most likely update the power grids, much like “The Manhattan Project” before it. Also, though the threat of North Korean attack seems out of the question in the current political climate. As well as, the world should still sleep with one eye open and never abandon the possibility.

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