New World Order 5 Secrets that are happening now

Mind-Control of the illuminati, NLP: The Dangers of Conversational Mind-Control.
NLP: The Dangers of Conversational Mind-Control


The origins of the New World Order
The origins of the New World Order

The FIVE beliefs of the coming NEW WORLD ORDER. 

People believe the new world order is coming. It’s not a matter of if, as it’s a matter of when.

People have different theories on this idea similar to the noteworthy 1% taking power control. Big ideas are the G7 might be the start of it. The banking industry also is a huge part, due to people who go in debt is called a legal slave. Illuminati, Freemasons, the pope might even have said that they are conspiring to take over.

(Beliefs of the New World Order – 1) 

G7 taking the stage set up a New World Government. As the  G7 pertains to Economics of the world. Many beliefs are that it is bringing the population of the world under control. together. The New World Order uniting at an annual meeting. As the G7 meetings starting in the 1973 oil crisis.The G7 meeting taking place within Europe. The G7 meeting representing nearly 58% with only seven countries involved. As essentially they keep on obtaining more wealth than the rest of the world. Beliefs that they eventually get nearly 90% of the wealth of the world. Pushing them to create their own type of new world order.

( G7 – intergovernmental economic organization ) ( Link – Wiki – Group of Seven )

8 countries of the G7

1 – Canada

2 – France

3 – Germany 

4 – Italy 

5 – Japan

6 – United Kingdom

7 –  United States

8 –  European Union


(Beliefs of the New World Order – 2)  

Referring to a favorite of illSecrets. Pointing out the powers of the Illuminati influence.  These beliefs emerging the freemasons to break the silence.  Freemasons as well as namely the secret society referring to Illuminati.

As well as to learn more on the Illuminati click this article link here.   

The beliefs are to point out a secret agenda happening year by year. For population control and keeping the poor, poor. Believing in the Illuminati take over isn’t just when a take over happens. Most compelling evidence pointing to them already having control over the world. Essentially allowing the Elites to cattle us like sheep to where they want.


(Beliefs of the New World Order – 3) 

New World Order beliefs point to achieving this from the advancing A.I. systems. sparking an A.I. take over of the human race. As artificial technology is advancing to human-like intelligence. Ultimately, the A.I. systems will pass human-level intelligence. Also, once they pass human-level intelligence. The A.I. systems will still continue to grow.  Allowing the computer system to choose how humans live. To point out, creating a god-like entity. Nevertheless forming its own intelligence passes us. Whereas, inside the personal one-world government.

( Facebook of all A.I. learning processing machines can be read within this article link. )

( – Beliefs of the New World Order – 4)

Prophecies of the King James Christian Bible. They unfolding right in front of our eyes. In other words, coming true. Ancient religion is Christianity. Having scripture as in B.C. In the Christian bible calling it old Testimate. Besides, having the text of ancient history, they also foretell the future of the earth. As the prophets relay God’s messages into writing within revelations.

Revelations go into great detail on the coming end of times. Many people including preachers talk about revelations. To point out, how the trumpets of the 7 seals are supposed to break. Nowadays, many speculate that they are breaking in front of our eyes.

However, with all this in mind. One of the end times events is a man to flabbergast the world. In other words, the man shocks the world.  As well as, gathering a great following in a short amount of time. Allowing him to proceed with taking the spot as the most powerful people in the world.

Leading people to believe he is the only way as he is a god. All in all, leading us to a community under a one-world government.  coming into conspiracy theories referring to the emergence of a totalitarian one-world government.


( – Beliefs of the New World Order – 5 )

Notably, a new religion emerging to pass Christianity belief of a new religion Coming to not a forming of new world order. Rather, a new world takes over. As many have beliefs before we essentially reach a new world order. All the main superpowers have to give in or fall.

To point out, the Chinese leader is in office forever. Thinking of removing his powerful seat wouldn’t look like an option.

Therefore this theory points to the reptilian race of aliens. As they are invading our planet, as prophecy forsakes Planet X around the world coming. However, it’s to believe that it’s a mothership of millions of reptilian aliens.

The reptilians that are on Earth now are only scouts. This is a common belief around the world. The new world order will an alien invasion either to fight against them or they take everyone over.

This is Category is based on the New World Order – The 1%, People in power with money, Banking, Agendas happening around the world conspiracy theories.


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