My Recent Visit to a Local Psychic (Portland, Oregon).

Visiting Portland Psychic
Visiting Portland Psychic

My Recent Visit to a Local Psychic (Portland, Oregon).

In the heart of Portland, Oregan sits a modest and worn-down house. Seeing this house for the first time, I was underwhelmed and began to grow skeptical of the psychic I was about to visit inside. Little did I know that the 65$ I would pay for my thirty-minute sessions would be beyond worth it for the reality-shattering insights revealed to me. For the convenience of time, I’m only going to share our most profound session.

My last visit was intense, to say the least, it left me shaken to my core.

The date of January 1, 2019

I visited January 1, 2019, to start my new year on the right path. Pushing open the old and rickety door. As well as I knew so well. Walking in, I was greeted by the familiar cloud of cigarette smoke. Moreover, then following came the overwhelming feeling that I was in the presence of something otherworldly. Shuffling through the dim light and trying to find my way through the smoke. Therefore, as finding a chair I then take the only seat at the table.

The 400lb man sat across from me. Looking deeply into my eyes with his hands neatly folded. However, even though I felt as if he already knew what I was going to ask.

I felt as he knew the entire conversation and how it would go down. I still decided to blurt out the first question burrowing in my mind. “Why would you even start smoking if you know it can kill you?”; An arrogant issue to the average smoker, but someone of transcendent knowledge should know better. Besides, to clarify, someone with transcendent knowledge should know better than to indulge in dangerous material satisfactions.

How physic ability was obtained

The physic is continuing to explain the basics of the spirit world. In detail, express the restlessness due to the drastic changes in the material world. So they are trying harder than ever to hijack bodies to take refuge within. However, telling how he is more susceptible to spiritual highjacking. Whereas, this may show the reason behind how he may have a physic ability. Moreover, to show how his physic ability in the wrong hands could cause unimaginable harm.

Though I couldn’t fully grasp what he meant by this, I understood when he explained that he uses tobacco to ground him to reality and thwart spiritual possession. Shamans in South America incorporate nicotine in their spiritual practice as a tool for protection against evil spirits and to ground the user to reality in the same way.

Air felt different with chills running down my spine

The air started to get uncomfortably thick as the psychic began the process of spirit-channeling to begin the session.

Only moments after closing his eyes. Specifically, the psychic falling into a deep trance with seemingly as well as displaying no effort. The first question I ask then slips out of my mouth.

Being wary of the volatile state of the environment, I asked, how can I be warned of coming natural disasters? He soon began mumbling to his Spirit Guide deep in the cosmos. Coming to a revelation, the psychic informed me that all things come in threes.

He said some signs are not as apparent as others foretell. , but all must be considered relevant

— something as simple as a flat tire, or a gut feeling that something is not right. I sat in silence and thought back on any signs I could have encountered that day.

With a wave of thoughts flooding my head, I decided to ask him my next question, the exact date of my death. Personally realizing that once a time and date presented, there’s is no escaping destiny, but my curiosity got the best of me. He reassured me, fate will find away. In detail, expressing how if the time has come, there is nothing to do but accept it. Though he couldn’t tell me when my time was going to be up. In fact, he went onto offering an interesting story to give me some perspective.

Revealing the November 5th, 2017

The psychic revealed to me. There was a man who told that on November 5th, 2017, at 5:06 pm, he would be fatally injured in a car accident driving home from work. Trying to avoid his predestined demise, the man took two weeks off of work and drove to a remote cabin in the woods for safety.

However, on November 5th, 2017, at 5:06 pm, the man was outside cooking dinner over a campfire when a bear charged him from the woods and mauled him to death. Even though I was left wondering about my destiny as it foretold to me. I decided from that point on to try and make the most out of every moment; The psychic made it clear that there’s no escaping fate.

With my gears still spinning from his story. Of course, then I decided to ask my final question. Correctly what events should I look out for? As well as, that could bring about the end of the world? With a chalkboard loud ear-piercing sound coming from nowhere. The psychic opening his eyes wide. Also, following with focusing them into my soul, it felt like.

The beginning

he began to reveal his prophecy. He started by saying that there will be three key indicators that the end of the world is approaching. The first indicator he predicted is the start of World War III.

This new world war will be caused by a broken peace treaty between North Korea and the U.S, happing sometime in Spring of this year. The second was the discovery of “Planet X,” which will astound scientists and humans of all ages for years after its development in research came in.

Hierarchy of Higher-Dimensional Beings
Hierarchy of Higher-Dimensional Beings

The Third warning

The third and final warning comes with an unpleasant feeling in the air as it tells of a shift due to Planet X. Also, causing Earth to experience large amounts of volcanic eruptions. Surely even having seismic activity throughout the globe. Notably not stopping there as hurricanes that blow for months at a time. Though he gave me a rough idea on when the first event would take place, he left the last two ambiguous.

I hurried out of his house that day; I couldn’t waste even a second and risk being unprepared for end-times. I’m now taking a small break in my preparations to impart my story to the people; I couldn’t let this knowledge go unshared. Names are not necessary for the matter. What matters now is human survival.

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