NLP: The Dangers of Conversational Mind-Control

Mind-Control of the illuminati, NLP: The Dangers of Conversational Mind-Control.
NLP: The Dangers of Conversational Mind-Control
Mind-Control of the illuminati, NLP: The Dangers of Conversational Mind-Control.
NLP: The Dangers of Conversational Mind-Control

NLP: The Dangers of Conversational Mind-Control:

Dangers of NLP presents a risk to the public. The risks of conversational mind-control. People don’t believe in the powers of hypnosis. Also, only to believe it limits are at stage shows. However, hypnosis is a psychology setting. Only a select group of people can’t undergo hypnosis. Besides, people using a milder form of hypnosis can control the majority.

The recognizing of hypnosis as Neuro-Linguistic – Programming (NLP). Psychologists Richard Bandler and John Grinder are inventors of NLP. Developing NLP for uses in a clinical setting. In detail, for a beneficial purpose within aid psychotherapy.

Powers of the Neuro-Linguistic – Programming.

NLP undergoing abuse from individuals. In fact, quickly after the introduction to the general public. Because people could learn basic methods easy. Also, the basics are capable of mind control. Therefore leaving people to use mind control methods. Allowing the people who learn it to take advantage of weak minds. Reasons why point to targeting people for personal gain.

Besides, NLP is an objective science. Notably, deeming it useless as a psychotherapy aid.

This is mainly unknown to the public for half a century. After a century when the discovery of NLP methods researched. However, scientific minds disproving the effects of NLP. In fact, disproving the effects in psychotherapy settings. However, it remains a viable technique. To point out, for the ability to control people’s behavior. Regardless of the person’s consent through a specific process.

How the process starts within NLP

The beginning of a developing a goal for the conversation. Besides, when NLP is applying, whereas now it doesn’t reach an establishment of a purpose; a random one will undoubtedly arise from the unconscious mind.

Then develops a conscious goal to a conversation. Then the NLP practitioner disregarding reasoning. This is to what arises during the discussion. Also, that changes the purpose or offer. Due to finding a more mutually beneficial.

The manipulator subconsciously setting a goal. Then the person employing NLP enters the conversation. In detail, the NLP starts developing the peripheral vision. Then to read body language of the victim. As well as, even to mimic the body language of the other person.

The tactic of developing a good peripheral vision.

The manipulators develop a peripheral vision. Then the manipulator keeps eye contact with the person. Because this helps to establish a sense of trust. As well as, for making a connection with the victim. They start to mimicking body language. For only one purpose and that is to have the victim put their guard down.

The NLP practitioner pays close attention to the logic. Paying attention to logic is to gauge how to reason with them accurately. In any event, these are tactics to manipulate any conversation.

The mimicking body language is a similarity of physical emotion. As well as, reasoning establishes rapport. However, putting victims into a state to completely let their guard down. Because the guard is let down of the person manipulated. In fact, it opens them to suggestions. As they now identify with the manipulator.

Establishing the common between a victim and a manipulator. – Neuro-Linguistic-Programming basics.

Establishing the common ground is key. Then the manipulator speaks in phrases. For phrases of common ground. Because of the phrases sounding as common meaning. A person can interpret the phrases in countless ways.

To clarify, they hear specific-sounding vague phrases. As it leads the manipulator to act as they understand the meaning. After all, the understanding of the meaning allows for a common between them.

The definition carries personal significance to them. These vague phrases leading listeners to similarities of common. As the manipulator is speaking from a place of understanding. However, the sentences themselves are set up where they can’t argue.

More technique of NLP.

The manipulator continuing only to use vague phrases. Then manipulation tactics of language undergo. As to put a person in a mild state of hypnosis. This is a technique to verbally induce, NLP trace fails.

Mind-Control theory of Social Media Effects can really make you think. 

A manipulator can utilize different perceptions methods. As well as, using language games. Especially observing a person’s body language. To determine the effectiveness of each technique. This is a useful method, as you can reach your goal through trial and error. The manipulator is one step closer to achieving their pre-set goal.

Hypnotic suggestions to NLP.

A manipulator is finally able to make hypnotic suggestions. As to the person they’re conversing with to complete the NLP. Then rendering simple phrases that suggest an idea. Whereas, the concept is of the pre-set goal. Ultimately for hypnotizing a mind for benefit.

Another great mind-control is the manipulations of Facebook in the article on Social Media Effects.

Believing the idea is originating in their head. Whereas, then allowing them to carry out as from the manipulator’s will. NLP is a powerful and dangerous tool. Also, not easy to learn because of the many aspects of human behavior. Including body language reasoning. Also, the suggestion needs observation. Whereas, to employ the practice successfully.

Final analysis of NLP experiment. 

The results of NLP are detrimental. Due to, if an individual speaking with evil intentions. For example, a greedy person learns to master NLP. Then the person practicing NLP including to do an idea of conditioning. Making this a high study within the world of psychology.

Furthermore, associating a physical action with a feeling. Because of a manipulator can elicit a response in someone. Finding yourself within a conversation with someone who is purposely vague. To point out, that is one of the three top points of manipulators.

What to notice about this mind-control ability. 


As overly agreeable with everything you say.


mimicking the body language, you present.


Trying to repeat physical contact with the individual.


Finding yourself in this situation, get yourself as far away as possible.



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