MANDELA EFFECT the what and How?

Hypnosis or Mandela Effect
Mandela Effect as well as Hypnosis

The Mandela Effect is changing history before our eyes. 

    Everybody knows about Mandela, what about the Mandela effect. A newly surfacing idea to the modern generation. However, the older population are the ones to point it out. Firstly, what is the Mandela effect? This a mindset of false memories. Also, the false memory having the support of multiple people having it.  Furthermore, supporting cases of several hundred coming out a year. With the help of different people who never met each other with allegations supporting the claim.

Mandela Effect
Mandela Effect

Quick Reference to the Mandela Effect

The cross-referencing of an event, previously occurring in the past.
Two individuals are determining the year wrong.
One remembering the location of a function happened here.
Whereas, the other remembers it here.
Oddly enough, both events to occur during the same time. Also, with the speaker of the same guy. Two opposing locations. 
The reason is there not considering the people crazy. To clarify, for pointing it out even after finding out the real facts. Additionally, the overwhelming support as a handful of people remembers the same truth. However, a handful of people never met each other. In fact, to recall the details of the scenario. After all, the event never to occur there. They are lastly leading to the Mandela effect having the public questioning everything. Not only in the United States, but this effect is also happening globally. 

Similar events are occurring on several different occasions. 

The Mandela Effect is a rare phenomenon. The effect of Mandela is causing people not to trust their memories. A leading cause for people to wonder if they are losing their minds.

Consequently, people are even checking into hospitals for mental health. To point out, from the overwhelming memory of the experience.

Nevertheless, making them feel as they are going crazy. This phenomenon is happening within the mind of the victim. But, people collectively recall similar thoughts making it odd.

Different Mandela Effects are coming out as the public becomes more aware of the situation. 

  • Firstly, misremembering of specific events.


  • Secondly, it refers to a person recalling specific thoughts of dates of wrong records of history.

  • Thirdly, even to go as far as misremembering spellings.


?) In general, the public is lead to questioning they’re own mindset. 

?) Could this represent modern mind control tactics or Parallel universe?

The matrix movie is causing a conspiracy to come alive.

     The Matrix is soon reaching public movie theatres. Coming-out within the United States first. Producers releasing the movie into theatres in the year 1999.

The Matrix is a fictional Sci-fi genre. Besides, it not being non-fictional; it doesn’t mean there isn’t truth behind it. Moreover, it opens the perception of the Mandela effect abilities. The film is composing of Wachowski. Also, coordinating from the Wachowski Brothers, featuring Keanu Reeves and Laurence Fishburne. Also, starring Carrie-Anne Moss, Hugo Weaving, and Joe Pantoliano.

The Matrix movie reflects an alternative reality. 

    This concept of living within a multidimensional world. The perception of the Matrix as well as understanding this concept. But, this isn’t fetching an idea too far out of this world. Especially after watching this movie — the basing off real-life scenarios of it coming true.

For example, the Matrix portraying a grim future. The matrix is having a similar reality on Earth. Also, Beliefs reenacting as reality, calling it “The Matrix.”
The Matrix shows how self-aware machines are.  Comparatively to the upcoming A.I. on Earth to walk with humans. Nevertheless, controlling the human population within the Matrix.  While their bodies’ warmth and electrical action. Then they are utilizing their bodies as a vitality source.

Cybercriminal and PC developer Neo takes the information. Besides, Neo is drawing attention as disobedience. Leading Neo to look as he is in violation. Then violations reflecting on the machines. The storyline gathering people to also liberate themselves. Also freeing themselves from devices. A great perspective of the “fantasy world.” 

The “Fantasy world” may already look at the population today! – The Ghost in the Machine

Mandela’s effect comes to the mindset of an individual. However, allowing one to awaken within the mind. While watching the Matrix, it provides for a new perception. The Matrix shows there version of the Mandela effect. But, not entirely of the concept of the Mandela effect. However, not directly on all Mandela effects. Showing a glimpse of the idea of the Mandela effect.

Plato gives a great perception of the picture-perfect image of an item. Besides, the picture-perfect knowledge it shows the ideologies and memes concept. 

A short story –

Remembering.  For example, remembering a picture-perfect memory.

Date of time.   Seeing it hung up on a museum wall in the year 2000.

Opposing Group. Everyone else working there, remembering at a later date.

The opposing Date.  To clarify, remembering it going up on the wall in 2010.

The Division of the crowd. I am leaving a divided room at the end of the argument.

An unanswerable question. With people supporting both sides. It eventually leads to finding an answer and finally coming out at the end with no proof. It allows for the consideration of the Mandela Effect.

Astonishing brainwashing tactic as distrust with ones-self occurs. Leaving it on the real answer undeclared. Lastly, leaving a concept of perception and allusion. 

— The main character to find out this experience first hand. Then a picture-perfect memory is never existing


Reality –
People remember the vivid memory as a reality.

People are similarly remembering memories of the same concept — consequently, a division of similar memories opposing it. The remembering events are strangely different.

To remember the Mandela effect is a displacement of memories.

Perception is everything to a person’s mindset as one believing the wrong order of the events may have occurred. They are once looking into the history of the occasion. Besides, they think that they are learning a different perception. However, having the following backing them providing proof.

If nobody supports the recalling, consequently making the person feel as it’s an allusion. It is allowing trust issues to start at a young age. Besides,  asking if they are crazy. Also, coming to the factor of both approaches is ultimately right. 

People are focusing on the possibilities of this concept. With no proof of it didn’t happen, Reaching support of the presence of a Mandela Effect. Individuals with nobody else supporting the idea. Considerable if the man is a little delusional.  The thought is representing a false memory. To point towards the mind playing a trick. However, this is another term that is in use for the Mandela Effect. 

The spelling history is questionable as Berenstein (OR) Berenstain.

    The Mandela effect is appearing to go viral.  Notably, spreading throughout online blogging websites. The appearance of two spellings of the famous. Due to the support on the opposing side. The attention from the public peaking in 2015. The recalling of the different spelling gave the Berenstain’s Bears a new perspective. 

The issue behind the Berenstain Bears false memory explained. 

The Berenstain bears creating a dilemma. As people publically recalling spelling errors. First thought as just a spelling error from the creators. Then the start of finger-pointing happened. Firstly, people accusing a false memory at first. However, this creates an issue with people. There were no facts or proof it was true. Developing problems with people’s own personal mind. A more profound broad division with one self’s trust. An allusion of you can’t trust your account.

The opposing sides are making this public. As remembering the different spelling vividly. Making the Berstains Bear title conversationally. As the more people oppose their beliefs of just a spelling error. It caught a backlash from the public. As calling the misplacement of memory a hoax.  Primarily in the United States this becoming widely known misconception.

Viral momentum reaching countrywide. The people have a perception of both ways. They are again creating the truth of spelling to know forever not — the claims of false memory. Specifically, to go down as a record for history.

In-depth on the two different spellings Berenstein & Berenstain Bears.

Berenstain Bears is a popular tv show. Even to broadcasting in America throughout the cities. This Tv show is primarily focusing on kid’s entertainment. The Tv show Berenstain Bear gaining a lot of exposure. To clarify, why there equal support on both sides. Again, making it a historic moment. After all, it’s only a misconception of a spelling. 

The snowballing effect of The Berenstain Bears and Berenstain Bears catching attention worldwide. 

The crowd of Berenstain bear fans snowballed — people spreading big news to family and friends. The title of the Berstein bears becoming a landmark ideology for the Mandela Effect.

The Berenstain Bears spelling impacting Hollywood. Equally important, the spelling change did happen suddenly. This is why the impact of people panicking happened. As well as people opposing their idea to come out. Equally important, to recall the memory as a hoax. The two different spellings are Berenstein & Berenstain. A typical scenario for Mandela’s effects experience.

Conspiracy theory can’t categorize the Mandela effect idea. 

Similar memories of false memories. Could this value in society as true reality?

Blaming for the Mandela effect worldwide is a rare phenomenon.

Mandela’s effect is commonly under the blame of CERN. I am researching of colliding particles facility in the future articles. Notably, the largest particle physics laboratory is CERN. This massive facility is a location within Europe.

A side note about CERN and future research.

(Read about Nuclear Preparedness & the Holocaust signs.) 

Creating CERN purposes is solely for Nuclear Research. More CERN will come out in the next articles. Explaining research behind the closed doors of CERN. Allowing the minds around the world to understand the concept.

The researching of C.E.R.N. happens to go deep.  In detail, we will come out with a subcategory focusing on Mandela effect. The development of CERN is for the use of colliding particles.

It is leading to a theory of a sudden shift in dimensions. Whereas, people believing they are on a parrel universe. Almost identical to the one they happen to live. Again, this memory could only look like a false memory phenomenon.

The significance of The Mandela effect occurring around the world. There’s no real reason for the overwhelming of people coming out with allegations. Lastly, then again, it may manifest more false memories.


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