Latest assumptions on Mac Miller’s death — Illuminati or Supernatural Powers

Mac Miller’s death

Malcolm James McCormick, popularly known as Mac Miller, was an eminent American rapper, singer and record producer. He was a huge bunch of talent who made his debut after recording the album Blue Slide Park that holds the 1st position in U.S. Billboard 200 Chart. Unfortunately, the gem passed away on 7th September 2018 in his home Studio City at a tender age of 26. The news was terribly painful and the fans were disheartened. It was assumed that he died because of a drug overdose. However, an autopsy has been done, and the reason for his death was not officially announced and still a matter of suspense.

Grande and Miller were dating each other for two years and the death of her boyfriend around On the occasion of Thanksgiving day, his ex-girlfriend Ariana Grande shared a lovely tribute to him and wrote “very missed”. This throws a sympathetic impression on the fans and followers but was later on criticized. A fellow accused her saying that she is milking with the whole circumstances. However, the critically minded person was opposed and his words were confined by Ariana’s followers.

Actually, it’s not the fans mistake. We, all the fans and followers, are desperate and internally grieved by Mac Miller’s sudden death. However, his death was later on officially reported as an accidental overdose of drugs which contain a toxic mixture of fentanyl, coca inexpensive, and alcohol. But wait!! There is a new concept that urging inside the follower’s mind and is gaining constant attraction — The Illuminati or the evil supernatural powers.

Before proceeding towards the explanation of the relation between Mac Miller’s death and the mysterious Illuminati, let me give you a short introduction about what the Illuminati is. Illuminati is believed to have its origin from the very beginning of the 17th century and is considered as a secret organization or society that advise you to sell your soul to the devil God. In return, the devil will fulfil all your dreams and make you popular easily. This is gaining immense popularity nowadays among rappers, singers, and others having high professional standards.

According to Mac’s last song, it can be calculated that he himself predicted his death prior to the incident. Also, in a YouTube video where Mac responds to his fans comments, he gave us a hint. As per the video, Mac said that he doesn’t believe that there is only Jesus who possess divine strength. Being a Jew, he was even told that there’s nothing in the world such as Jesus Christ. One thing that I forgot to mention is that Mac always remains depressed. This depression is due to his stubborn passion for success and creating music to stand as the best in the industry. All these facts cause us to believe that he was among the personalities who believed in Illuminati.

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