John McCain Washington Funeral

John McCain Funeral
John McCain Funeral

John McCain Washington Funeral


As John Mccain ceremony taking place in Arizona. Also, the funeral is dates to August 30. To point out, former Vice President Joe Biden is to speak. Speaking at the ceremony as a public first attendant. Also, Biden, speaking with tears in the eyes of his good friend. Across the United States, after all, a very emotional day.

However, John’s children attending a tribute on a later date.  As well as, public figures speaking on the death of John. Also, many political giants will comment on the senator.

Former Senator

Joe Lieberman,

Former Secretary of State

Henry Kissinger, 

Two former Presidents,



George W. Bush

Barack Obama

will speak to the event on time.

The current president, Donald Trump, will not attend the event.

-words from Barack Obama

“John McCain and I were members of different generations, we came from completely different backgrounds and we participated at the highest political level,”

Also, Barrack speaking about John’s death.

“But we share, despite all our differences, one to the fidelity of something more, the ideals that generations of Americans and immigrants fought and sacrificed away. … Few of us have been tested as ever was John, or we have to show the kind of courage he did. But we can all aspire to the courage to put the greatest good above our own. in John’s best, he showed us what it means. and for that, we are all indebted “.

August 31 Sen. McCain body.

Sen. McCain’s body is moving across the states. Then moving to the United States Capitol Rotunda. Then the news media announcing to the public on John. In detail, John’s body is arrival date is on August 31. To point out, this allows the public to visit and pay their respects.

House Speaker Paul Ryan,

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell,

Vice-President Mike Pence,


Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer

To present their offers to the former senator.

John became the thirteenth senator to remain in the state in the Capitol Rotunda. This space is a reserve for “most prominent citizens” of the United States.

Mccain, as for serving two decades in the US Navy. UU., This is allowing for special military burial rights.

This special military burial rights will pertain to Annapolis, Maryland, at the American Naval Academy.

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Cementary UU His grave overlooking the Severn River. To rest with many friends buried along side him.

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