The Initiation Process Of Secret Societies

Secret Societies

Initiation Process

Process of the Secret Societies

The initiation process of the Secret Societies is one of the most important aspects of the organization. The initiation process is what separates the average everyday person, from the initiate who carries the capacity for higher consciousness and the values necessary for the organization being initiated into. The intense levels of intellectual and physical training are just the baby-steps of the entire process, where many deep revelations unveil themselves.


Before any of the training can even take place, the initiate has to undergo very specific experiences to be able to fully be ready for their training process. Before anything can happen, the initiate is made to go through intense experiences of extreme suffering, where they are reduced to the level of an infant. This period of suffering de-programs all previous cultural and familial imprints so the ideals of the secret society can then be implanted; In the U.S military, the heads of recruits are all shaved and the intense suffering of boot-camp commences, creating the same effect. The second major thing that needs to be established is programming an undying devotion to the collective that the initiate is to be training within. This is usually established by chemical means through drugging, or ecstatic sexual experiences set-up as part of the process. The initiate is then made to believe that the ecstatic states experiences in this state of the process can only be achieved by carrying out the mission and values of the secret society. These two experiences are masterfully designed to create the perfect initiates and ensure that their secret society stays untainted by the values of the public.


Once the mind of the initiate is prepared in the proper conditions, the period of intense physical and intellectual training slowly follows. The physical training not only makes sure that each initiate is in peak physical condition, but all intense physical training creates a powerful sense of self-discipline which is critical in the development of someone who’ll hold a high position of power. The intellectual training is necessary to develop the mind of the initiate, not only in the higher knowledge of their organization but the higher knowledge in many other fields of inquiry; A masterful knowledge of many things allows the individual to cross-reference knowledge across fields and find creative solutions to problems. The entire point of this part of the initiation process is to form the conditioned initiate into the perfect leader, who can easily adapt to the most difficult of situations and find new solutions.


The initiation ceremony itself acts as the final seal on the whole initiation process. All of the initiation rituals of secret societies include the involvement of the elders of that society in a ceremony filled with ceremonial symbolism specific to the higher knowledge learned in the initiation process. The elders doing the initiation represent the passing of the torch to a new generation, but also represent the importance of advice from elders within the initiation processes. The symbols and symbolism represented in the ceremony itself work to represent the initiate’s final step in separating themselves from the general public; Secret societies use symbolism as their means of keeping hidden their secret knowledge. While the general public views the symbol in one light the initiate views the symbol through a completely different lens, having gone through the initiation process which allows them to access the higher meaning of the symbol. The ceremony itself symbolizes the passing of the initiate from lower to higher consciousness and the readiness of the initiate to carry out the mission of their secret society.


Don’t stay blind to the state of things and believe the governments of the world are the ones running it. Many very powerful secret societies have been around for hundreds of years and made the general public legitimately believe they’re out of business, but it’s extremely hard to believe that such a powerful organization could be so easily taken down. The one event that skeptics use to discredit the existence of present-day secret societies is the old secret societies ban in Europe during the middle-ages, but they always forget how a ban never stops anyone from doing anything. Would it be so radical to assume that such secretive and powerful people who had various ties within the political sphere of the time, would let a ban stop the operation of their organization?


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