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Don't be a sheep illuminati
Don’t be a sheep Illuminati

There’s a reason why you came here.

In the first place, let’s get this clear. You didn’t just accidentally visit this illSecrets.com.
The higher power of energy is calling on you. As a matter of fact, every single person who is visiting has a higher purpose for the light.
Although this may be true, the Illuminati is not bringing you here to learn the same lesson as everyone else.

To point out, we are here to help you. Among just the individuals we are here to help change the world. Nevertheless, we are here to help change the world for the greater good of humanity. Reaching out to the public to provide and illustrate enlightenment.
Allowing each individual to grow in there best qualities.

As well as to gain WealthFame, and Enlightenment (Happiness).

Our best interest is providing true facts on Illuminati enlightenment.
Allowing each article to provide unique information to complete your journey god sent you on.

illuminati Secrets on Youtube, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter
illuminati Secrets on Youtube, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter

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ill Secrets illuminati illustrating enlightenment
ill Secrets Illuminati illustrating enlightenment

Our mission is to Spread

” Illuminate & illustrating the path  to and of ENLIGHTENMENT “



where we go into detail on various subjects. Exploring the depths within hidden knowledge. As the Illuminati Secrets arises to share stories globally.

The main goal is to share its secrets only from discovering research of the people. Also, from the people to the people. Leaving no stones that are left unturned. As well as, with articles exploring everything of mystery.

Into detail from the most in-depth government and corporate conspiracies. As well as, to the most transcendent spiritual and supernatural phenomena. Furthermore, Take a break from the corporate agendas and government propaganda perpetuated by major media outlets. Nevertheless, it’s okay to get lost in the well of perception-shattering. Lastly, the mind-bending, and reality-diffusing information inside the archives of illsecrets.com!

The best place to start is the fostering unconditional love for the Universe.


The Illuminati has been puppeteering the world for centuries. As a matter of fact, illSecrets accounting for its origins of the Illuminati as well. However, new facts from 2019 included! Lastly, Get all the essential information that you need. Notably, the knowledge to know about this sinister organization.



For the purpose of secrets, it is our mission to create a world safe from corruption and greed. However, To do this, we must expose the deepest darkest corners this world has to offer. Additionally, we must be smarter and know the signs of the enslavement that the NWO has in store for the whole human race. To do this, we need you.

How to join

It’s almost like the Initiation Process

Explicitly, you will be part of the New World Agenda. Specifically, being apart of the greater enlightenment new world agenda. Significantly, this article on  Circuits That Dominate Human Software is a great place to start reading. However, don’t forget to go ahead and spread the word. With this intention, don’t forget to educate yourself.

Furthermore, come back to illSecrets archives anytime. Despite, the people who don’t like to read we additionally offer videos on our youtube. Although you may read articles from secrets. Nonetheless, illSecrets have a tendinous to constantly post. Another key point, leaving our team on top of the fact-checking and keeping up to date. As well as, being about truth and justice in this unjust world. Therefore, we must expose those hiding in the shadows. Granted,  having the most magnificent light to show to the world. additionally, leaving them the world speechless as they have never seen anything so truthful. Lastly, the view of all people coming together to destroy the shadows of this world.


Welcoming all people to Illuminati secrets.

illuminati Secrets on Youtube, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter
Illuminati Secrets on Youtube, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter

Illuminati Secrets is now a multimedia platform suiting the best of each individual’s needs. Also, allowing the outreach not to limit only to illsecrets.com, but, a variety of different social media platforms.

IllSecrets spreading across multiple different social media platforms allow for you always to stay in touch. As well as, multiple platforms allowing for diversity across the globe.

Time is the most valuable thing on Earth, this is why we went out and created these accounts. To allow you to consume the media that will help further your life of enlightenment.  Now go and follow Illuminati Secrets. With this in mind, it will allow you to stay in the loop, up to date, and allows personal convenience of sticking to your favorite social platform.

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