illuminati MUSIC AGENDA !

illuminati MUSIC AGENDA

Does the Illuminati Push Capitalism Through the Music Industry? Everyone listens to music, some on the radio, some through music streaming apps on our cell phones. Rap is the biggest influence in the charts today. All types of music are played on the background of everyday life. Regardless of the genre, music has an influence on everyday life.

When observing different groups of people, it is clear that these cliques are influenced by their favorite artists. Watch how they talk, watch how they act, what they wear, there is no denying the fact that music has helped influence some of their choices. There is a study that proves that music and mood are directly correlated. The Illuminati, the 1% and CEOs of Hollywood, have major control over what today’s artists produce, and this has been going on for decades.

The idea is that, by pushing “nice cars” in a music video, the consumer will be subliminally coerced into wanting to spend hard earned money on the same vehicle from the video. Once the consumer has purchased the unnecessary vehicle, the artist collects on this just like the automotive dealership. CEO’s from Ford and Toyota for example, encourage the Illuminati to feature their vehicles in music videos. With this in mind, the demand for cars goes up, meaning more money for the automotive company and the Illuminati. Does this mean that the Illuminati supports Capitalism?

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Capitalism is defined as “an economic system in which capital goods are owned by private businesses and individuals.” A market economy, a capitalistic economy, is one in which production of goods is based on supply and demand. There is an increase in demand for vehicles, but the car featured in a music video is on short supply causing prices to skyrocket for the same vehicle. It sure sounds like the Illuminati, through the music industry, wants to convert to Capitalism. Opinions, thoughts, concerns?

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