Illuminati — Fact or Fiction

Mind-Control of the illuminati, NLP: The Dangers of Conversational Mind-Control.
NLP: The Dangers of Conversational Mind-Control

Illuminati — Fact or Fiction. The myth behind the entire Illuminati start! 

Illuminati is gaining a lot of attention with time. Due to the growing social media effectively making viral information on the Internet.

Besides the growth of awareness, many cases of scams are coming forth in the name of Illuminati. Many fraudsters are introducing themselves as Illuminati to take advantage of the right people.

Also, the cheats are saying they are part of the society and asking for money to join the group. How foolish people are, yet, depositing the savings account money without any investigation of the source.

However, if you are not aware of the term Illuminati, you must be wondering what the matter is! There’s a couple of Terms, but for this case, we will talk about ancient Illuminati in France.


Introduce you to Illuminati Secret Society— who are they, and what do they control?.

Who are they?

According to the myths, ancient artifacts, the group having a starting in the 17th century. (1776) As the Illuminati went down as founding of a secret society. Of course, whereas the group happen to emerge in Bavaria. The Illuminati group at this time has beliefs that are to oppose the manipulations of Bible laws. The priest at the time, is contributing to the manipulation of an organization. Also, this applying of forcible rules came from the Catholic priest.

Catholic changing history setting laws against private groups.

These laws are to serve the self-needs of the Catholics and aristocrats of the era. They were considered evil and are then punishable unless they abandonment the group issuing only by the high ruling classes. They oppose superstitions obscurantism and modified customary religious laws and beliefs

— Catholics aiming to put an end to the atrocities of the prevailing during that time.

The Catholic organization causes the comprising of Freemasons and various other secret societies. Also, outlawing through a proclamation by Charles Theodore. Besides. Due to Charles Theodore, who is at this time, the Bavarian ruler. Modern society accuses them of the cause of the French revolution.

Adam Weishaupt, a founder within the group of Illuminati!

Mind-Control of the illuminati, NLP: The Dangers of Conversational Mind-Control.
NLP: The Dangers of Conversational Mind-Control

However, the founder of this secret society was Adam Weishaupt.

Adam Weishaupt is the only nonclerical Canon law and Practical philosophy at the University of Ingolstadt. The Jesuits ran this University. On the other hand, some believe that Illuminati practices evil means of worshipping. According to Internet users, the Illuminati must choose you if you want to be highly successful.

Of course, you must surrender your soul to the devil God. They refuse the presence of Jesus Christ and the laws of the Holy Bible. For being a member of the Illuminati, you have to deposit a considerable amount of money. This deposit may and occur online.

Also, assuming that they have a profound knowledge of the geometric algorithm. All their symbols and architectures are designing in an exquisitely beautiful triangular shape.

What do they control?

News broadcasting the concept of Illuminati as recent videos went viral. Then causing the to public reaching a new level of awareness.  Illuminati now on youtube having several public accounts post on artifacts and stories. Of course, the content showing information on of an organization that is controlling the world. With sources of control in effect via media, pharma, medical, finance sectors.

Also, to look at top public positions to hold power within the Illuminati. In detail, Many leaders,

high priests

(guru and pujari),

rock stars,

pop stars,



are under the influence of the Illuminati.

There prevails a concept of notorious conspiracies. In short, the myth stating the society wants to control the human mind. Nevertheless, the stories coming from around the world mentions they want your soul.

Let us know what side of the stories you’ve heard on Illuminati?

Could you believe that there is something supernatural about it, or it’s just an enlightened group?

Don’t you think it is becoming a source of income for the virtual fraudsters?

It’s quite an interesting topic to discuss. Enlightenment, Following God, is the right way to heaven. 

Do you throw your views on what do you think about this matter!


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