Hypersleep: Walt Disney’s Best-Kept Secret?


Hypersleep: Walt Disney’s Best-Kept Secret?

Walt Disney was diagnosed with lung cancer in the early 1960s, in 1966, he died due to the severity of his cancer. During the 60s, cancer treatment wasn’t nearly as advanced as it is in 2019, leaving Walt Disney to face the disease head-on.

All employees at the time were required to sign confidentiality agreements, requiring them to keep the severity of Walt Disney’s cancer hidden in an attempt to keep a positive image associated with his name. Before his death, Walt Disney invested millions of dollars into a private research company, and shortly after his investment Disney World was shut down for renovations and the addition of rides; This is the officially released statement on the matter, but many believe there’s more to the story.

Many theorize the research company and Walt Disney built a secret research facility under the park. This facility is said to have two specific areas of study, cancer treatment, and hypersleep (or cryogenic freezing). Walt Disney, being decades ahead of his time, supposedly hired top researchers and professors to conduct research at his secret facility. After running countless trials to test safety, the cryogenic pods were proved worthy to house Walt Disney. Disney believed that he could wait out the cure for cancer in hypersleep, and once the cure was discovered he would be awakened to receive it. His body is still rumored to be under the park to this day. With the money that Walt Disney was making while awake, many people speculate that he made a deal with the United States military to further the research on hypersleep and conceal the research center under Disney World.

Over the years, varying levels of Disney employees leaked information regarding the secret facility. There was even an episode of The Simpsons that discussed a frozen head being locked away deep inside the secret channels under Disney World, hinting that the facility is real. There have been instances where employees who leaked information to the press mysteriously vanished, presumably after being tracked down and found. If an employee decides to tell a friend, both people are rumored to never be heard from again. Many are averse to the idea of a secret hypersleep facility under Disney World because they grew up consuming Disney produced media; Nobody wants to believe that a family-oriented corporation with its roots in the heart of every American is shrouded in secrecy. Too many reports of this operation have arisen to the point where the theory isn’t outside of the realm of possibility, there’s no harm in the power of contemplation so don’t be afraid to leave a comment.


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