Hurricanes Harvey Haarp Illuminati

Hurricane Harvey & Hurricane Irma is causing quite a stir. Certainly, in small communities on the eastern side of the United States. People across the globe can’t understand why climate change is happening. With many researchers pointing the fingers to a variety of subjects. However, one scenario is a group of people who follows Haarp storms.

Storms are worse. 

Storms are some of the worst national disasters. Specifically, in recent years. Consequently, Nature is causing these high wind storms. Also which is to happen every year. It is frequently happening more often as time goes on. Also, causing a side of conflicted damages, which is costing the general public a lot of money. Correctly, online journalists have pointed towards a research facility. Lastly, this is where the manufacturing of Haarp Illuminati started becoming public attention.

The video you can watch will shock you.

This video shows the real accurate plans of the NWO.

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Has science gone too far once again? Also, trading one evil for another when it comes to weapons of mass destruction. First, it was nuclear weapons. However, now, we can take control of the environment.

Notably, read on how this is possible with the technology advancements you never heard of on Notably the Scariest Truth of the Computer Takeover

Government-Funded Program the Who, Where, Why.

Uniquely Haarp was a government-funded program. H.A.A.R.P. Stands for High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program. H.A.A.R.P introducing by no other than the United States, as an Airforce Funded program. The Active Auroral Research facility is developing, designing, and completing BAE Advanced Technologies.

Furthermore, This was the establishment in 1993. Explicitly, this research facility studies the field of Ionsphere’s. Lastly, the location of this research facility is located far north in Gakona, Alaska, United States.

Conspiracies that mention The High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Facility

People across not just the United States. Also, globally believe this Research facility can control weather patterns. In detail, people as in conspiracy theorists have called this a “Mind-Control Lab.”. To clarify, They might not be wrong. In detail, the work within the facility is all classified. While it is under the United States Air Force control. Lastly, Government Employing individuals allowing no information to leave the facility.


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