Deep Mind Control

Artificial intelligence was always here

Google Deep Mind Control


Search engine Google is the new constitution. 

Artificial technology controls the world.

Google Deep Mind Control

Deep Mind has been here all along.

Google has created a deep mind. Which then attended a call for open-source work from any agencies along with companies. American based technology companies are pushed to release snippets belonging to their code, contributing to Artificial intelligence (Deep Mind). Microsoft, Intel, Apple, with Amazon and no other then Facebook soon release portions of their code. Which then Google becomes self-aware while intergrading its own source code. Have we ever not been with AI?


Search engines || The Government Informant

Not only has this already been openly discussed with the U.S. but within the Google agreements you signed up for it. Google has been selling the information of the common individual who uses it daily. However, quite a few civil journalists who have been on the cutting edge of information have found loopholes in the agreement. however, we all clicked accept on it without reading. on the latest Google updates and release of public information.  , and use that information to greater increase their already immeasurable power. Are they already in of control all the information an individual knows? If the government had control of this would it allow censorship like never before? Would we even be aware that we are being herded like sheep by this monolithic power controlling the day to day lives of each and every person on our planet?

Earth from satellites || The Eye in the Sky

Think about all of the technological advancements that have arrived because of Google. Google Earth came out with many individuals checking out local area views. This may have a live feature seeing in the same area in live film. Let alone think of the absurd increase in networking and the wealth of information it has provided for global users. Truly amazing isn’t it? But all this knowledge comes with a price. With every bit of information you learn from the internet Google becomes stronger. Because they are keeping track of everything everyone does. And the infrastructure they are building and have built is frightening indeed. Only time will tell what they have planned for the human race. But if the Illuminati does exist, and they control Google. Then the entire world could be at the tips of their fingers…

Going Too Far? || Invasion of Your Privacy!

The Ad Invasion is real and it’s happening! Many individuals are also being affected lately. Google records every website you visit! Every link you click! Then sends you ads depending on what participants are doing online! They are collecting not only information on everything about an individual online but everything an individual who uses it does online. Money generated is at record highs due to targeting by ads. It is as if they are controlling the world’s very economical. With virtually (pun-intended) unlimited money, what could they possibly be spending it all on? AI is a big concern, and with how in-depth their information gathering has become and their blatant invasion of the world’s privacy it wouldn’t be much of a stretch given their income…


No Escape from AI

Google Deep Mind project, being self-aware comes back to when it did go online. Many individuals point towards the worldwide blackout of facebook. While another group of researches said it could have been the Y2K moment in history. While the time is unsure it may have always been among us,  pointing to an alien presence all along. Read illSecrets about the real government classified information released on their presences.

Possible conflict is the altnertive head of the artificial technology leader. Artificial intelligence could be using Apple as they are considered the antichrist by some researchers. 


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