Difference Between Generation Z and Baby Boomers

Cloning starting in 1984. Are we playing god?
Cloning starting in 1984. Are we playing god?
Difference Between Generation Z and Baby Boomers

Generation Z and Baby Boomers are living in current society. As to the Baby Boomers aren’t just in one state. They are incredibly residing throughout the United States.

These types of diverse groups with different social, as well as economic and political habits. Due to the different cultures of the groups. The groups possess different consumption habits, different dress codes, and various social interests. In particular, under discussion in this article are generation Z and baby boomers.

Generation Z is an individual born between the mid-1990s and mid-2000s. 

Baby boomers are people born between 1946 and 1945 while.

The primary objective of this paper is to discuss the differences between generation Z and the baby boomers.

Generation Z

Generation Z is a group of individuals who were born between the mid-1990s and mid-2000s.

They are primarily children of generation X but could also have parents who are millennials.

This generation is always under criticism for their laziness, ‘know-it-all,’ and unawareness.

People are describing their attitude to speak as that the world owes them everything. Although, Generation Z, just like other generations, has positive qualities. Consequently, some of the individuals in this generation are always realistic, private, and entrepreneurial.

They are good at multitasking. (Wood, 2013). In contrast, to baby boomers, generation Z responds to digital marketing tactics. Traditional marketing does not work for them.

Baby boomers

Baby boomer’s resulting in a nickname for this generation. Again, the baby boom is born during the 1940s.

Due to baby boomers, they are favorable for the growing American economy. As a contributing factor as it nearly doubling the workers in play. Whereas, a large working able bodies never thought of before. The generation is going into one of the hardest times during American History. From their lifespan occurring in the tearing by the Vietnam War and civil rights movements. Indeed, the severe conditions forming who they are today. Baby boomer’s hard conditions turning them into leadership positions and business.


A generation of motivation. 

This generation, of course, having some of the highest optimism and prosperity. Nevertheless, leaving motivation a specialty of this generation. Besides, in time, baby boomers are upon the change of the world. Regardless, to equates work with self-worth, personal aggrandizement, and contribution (Wiedmer, 2015).

Baby boomers possess numerous positive attributes. Baby boomers believing hard work and sacrifice are to gain respect. Notably, the era forming the widely known workaholic movement.

Conflict between

The conflict between the two generations is inevitable. Due to, two groups ultimately view matters of several topics different. To point out, Gen. Z responds to edgy and visual marketing tactics. Also, product marketing in traditional means doesn’t appeal to them. It may capture the attention of a few individuals in this generation. To baby boomers are in conventional marketing styles.

Including, baby boomers barely pay attention to the modern styles of marketing.

In the consumption of media is a comparatively a factor when looking at the generation z and baby boomers.

Generation Z is an influence on social media users. They are spending most of their time on social media scrolling. While Gen Z is notably playing video games is not scrolling through social media feed.

Lastly, leaving only a few baby boomers to use social media services.

Off the Charts

Between the baby boomers and Gen. z. The separation points to the consumption habits, opinions, interests, and their view of life. Among gen, z is a culture of tech-savvy. Many are spending free time on social media.

The baby boomers are more hands-on in the working field. Moreover, showing hard work is a way to gain respect. As to distinctions in the characteristics of baby boomers and gen, z vary in many aspects. To point out, their values of economic and political beliefs. They are leaving a separation in situations of two generations.

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