Frequencies: The Newest plot in Government Mind-Control?

Frequencies Government Mind-control
Frequencies Government Mind-control

Frequencies: The Newest Plot in Government Mind-Control?

Frequencies Government Mind-control option. Getting a patent on an idea gives one intellectual property rights over that idea. Also, barring anyone else from using it. There are millions of patents for millions of impressions. However, so nobody thinks to search through them for anything odd.

Frequencies Government Mind-control
Frequencies Government Mind-control

With this in mind, the government holding patents to ideas for technology. The licenses they contain are so otherworldly that it makes anything from Star Trek (1) look barbaric.

The general public knows that the government has a history of trying to perfect mind control techniques. For example, most notably, the MK-Ultra initiative (2) in the sixties. Though most people believe the government’s interest in mind control stopped at MK-Ultra, government patents tell a different story.

Though the government has patented many technologies that could happen in unthinkable ways against the people, we are only going to discuss the ones most shocking.

We recognize Patent US6091994A for the subliminal effects that hold the ability to manipulate the nervous system.

Patent US6091994A describing;

“a method and apparatus for manipulating the nervous system by imparting subliminal pulsative cooling to the subject’s skin.”

The patent describes how if specific frequencies (½ Hz, 2.4Hz) are pulsated subliminally to a subject (or group of items), the particular tone of the rate changes the mental state of the issue.

The ½ Hz resonance causes relaxation, sleepiness, a knot in the stomach, and sexual arousal depending on the precision of the frequency. The 2.4 Hz resonance causes particular cortical (cerebral cortex) activity to slow down. So the idea proposed states that rates can subliminally transmit to people that can lower brain function. Or, force a mental state upon a person regardless of their choice to feel that way.

Theoretically, the government could air the 2.4Hz frequency during a program that the whole country watches (like the Super-bowl (3) for example) and lower the prefrontal cortex activity of the entire country at once. Even worse, the government could create a propaganda video, including frequencies that change the minds of the people watching.

Patent US6506148B2 explains how the embedding of programs of frequencies.

Expanding on this idea is Patent US6506148B2. Also, discussing how the 1/2Hz and 2.4Hz frequencies can be embedded within programs to manipulate the nervous system of anyone nearby. The first patent discussed wouldn’t have huge implications for the government’s concentration on mind control if it weren’t for this patent.

They are examining how these frequencies can overlay subliminally over programming into broadcasts. In detail, it shows that the idea of broadcasting these frequencies subliminally over programming isn’t out of the realm of possibility.

Patent US5159703A shows the advancements of technology may change the fate of humanity. 

Patent US5159703A discusses a separate technology for creating information embedded frequencies that can be transmitted over loudspeakers, transferring the embedded information via frequency into the mind of the listener. These patents, along with many more not mentioned. Consequently, unveils the abuses of technology that could easily be used to manipulate the memories and the nervous systems of the unsuspecting population in favor of government agenda.

Patent US5507291A discusses waveform energy that may transmit to a subject.

Along with altering the human nervous system and thoughts, there have also been patents on technology to detect people’s emotional states remotely. Patent US5507291A discussing how a technique called waveform energy. In detail, waveform energy can transmit to a subject, and the matter will unknowingly send waveform energy back to the transmitter after receiving it. Whereas this reveals the emotional state of the person.

Though this technology of patents held notably stating it useful for criminal investigations. As well as analyzing interviews of subject answers of the subject under interrogation or discussion. This technology takes away any sense of privacy if utilized in the right way.

Another Key point, as Patent US3951134A having similar qualities.

No longer will people be able to conceal their beliefs if their emotional state can be determined instantly via frequencies. Another government patent discussing very similar ideas is Patent US3951134A. Whereas, also explains the remote decoding of emotional states using waveform frequencies.

Americans hide behind locked doors — also, Americans hiding behind private property fences. Therefore a whole armory beside them ready to battle tyranny. But, they never would have guessed that their government could be using technology to alter their nervous system and behavior remotely.

The next uprising of the people won’t be deflated with riot gear and rubber bullets, slightly frequencies that dull the minds of the masses into submission. Anyone against the system will never go unknown because technology exists to view anyone’s emotional state remotely.

Think about project MK-Ultra how the experiments went silent. Also, as reviewing MK-Ultra Frequencies use as Government Mind-control isn’t too far to fetch.


Just being in the room with technology could mean a possible compromise to the nervous system via frequency. The scary implications of government patents need addressing from the general public. Especially considering there aren’t any laws in place protecting the people from being subject to these technologies.

Social Media, as well as headphones due to phones, are ever so increasing. 

The discussion about this issue is little to none. In other words, it may contribute a force that turns all the power of the people over to the government.

Social Media Effects
Social Media Effects

In the future, where technology and media become an unavoidable part of life. (and it’s already getting there) Then who’s to stop the government from broadcasting these frequencies on a country-wide scale. To point out, to create a nation of always complacent minds?

I urge whoever’s reading to look through the sources for yourself and consider the different possibilities of these technologies.


1. Star Trek

  • 60’s sci-fi television show that showcased technology that the people of the time thought would be the technology of the future

2. Project Mk-Ultra

  • MK-Ultra documented military mind-control experiment where the CIA was found to be drugging people with hallucinogens and torturing them to find a way to break down the human psyche. The Mk-Ultra considered a ridiculous conspiracy until the CIA declassified it.

3. Super-bowl

  • Final football game of the season where the winning team gets rings. It would act as a perfect medium for a mass subliminal broadcast because nearly ⅓ of the American population watches every year
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