Fostering Unconditional Love for the Universe

Fostering Unconditional Love for the Universe

One of the most enlightening mindsets to undertake is seeing all the people of the world as your brothers and sisters. By taking the unconditional love that you make exclusive to your family and expanding that same sense of compassion to anyone you come across, life suddenly becomes much less mundane. Imagine a cashier who stands at their post each day, 9am-5pm, constantly daydreaming of the many things they’ll do after work as they ring up a countless amount of customers. What if that same cashier had a day where every single person that walked into the store was coincidentally someone they also loved, friends, family, even old teachers; That cashier would undoubtedly call that the best day on the job. To shift the consciousness into a state of projecting unconditional love into the universe is liking making every day on the job, the best day on the job. Another side effect of unconditional love is compassion and understanding in times of anger and aggravation, would this be useful for a career that deals with a lot of unhappy customers?


If the root of anger is analyzed in any context, it makes itself apparent as the reaction to feelings of fear and pain that haven’t been properly integrated. The pitfalls of life are inevitable, but the acceptance or non-acceptance of those states is up to the individual. All phobias, OCD, and PTSD are treated in psychotherapy through exposure therapy where the individual is continuously exposed to the exact thing they’re fearful in slowly increasing intervals within a safe environment controlled by the therapist. Though many of the pitfalls of life are inevitable, the true difference is made in the integration or non-integration of these unanticipated states. All of perceivable life is just one stimulus after another and what matters is the reaction that follows each one. Much meditative practice is de-programming the natural identification with one’s thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations that holds the untrained mind in constant slavery. By misidentifying with thoughts, emotional states, pain, the past, and the future, etc. there is an elimination of the mental barriers that stop one from achieving the state of unconditional love for the universe.


There are many reservations to be held about holding unconditional love for every person you meet, or even dissolving into the present moment. One of the most obvious pitfalls about projecting unconditional love is the fear of vulnerability, how could you love everyone in a world where people take constant advantage of one another? However, if you had a brother and sister that was constantly taking advantage of you, what would you do to face them through the unconditional love? The secret is to always love within your bounds, you can still love without putting yourself in danger. If you had a brother who you loved with all your heart and he was a thief who stole from you every chance he got, would you still visit him with empty pockets and a full heart? In the same way, you can empty your pockets before visiting your thieving brother, you can love within your bounds for anyone in any context. All continuous fear from those you unconditionally love is a result of entrapment, either physically, verbally, or even situationally if the victim has nowhere else to live; These situations are particularly hard on the victim due to the unconditional love they hold exclusively for that person. The ability to unconditionally love anybody is that you can learn to love within your bounds and stay out of danger.


Another benefit of unconditionally loving the universe is taking the possessiveness away from relationship-based love. All the relationships that a person develops in their life can be put into different categories of different levels of significance: Mother and Father, Siblings, Teachers, Friends, Romantic Partners, etc. The duties performed by either party in each relationship vary greatly by culture, but the separation itself surpasses that. In each level of relationship, the person on each end is culturally pressured to love in one specific way in a very specific amount. The category of “strangers” is universally at the lowest level of importance to each individual comparative to all the other relationships they’ve acquired. The truth of the matter is that each of the thousands of strangers that people pass on a daily basis have incredible lives and qualities of their own, but with stranger interactions, there’s never enough time to exchange that much information. Every stranger you meet has the potential to be someone you know and unconditionally love, people don’t really choose the people they exclusively love unconditionally, the circumstances fall into place to allow it; Any old woman could be your mother, and any old man could be your father. Many people become paranoid because they worry about the next seemingly friendly person they meet possibly hiding behind some kind of mask that’s covering their bad intentions. You wouldn’t go around to strangers and share your credit card numbers and social security number, so why would you put yourself in a place to be taken advantage of in a stranger interaction. Keeping yourself out of danger during the course of inclusive unconditional love, it’s not a matter of restricting the love, rater increasing logic and awareness to scope out the possible danger’s that could surface to be able to avoid them.


So why should the effort be wasted on perfecting this hard to accomplish skill? People are constantly broken by the ever-changing state of the relationships in their life, the judging of the past, and the anticipation of the future. The word relationship has come to imply a material exchange, and thus humanity is left trying to constantly one-up the next man. To unconditionally love everyone is to tap into the real energy of love, imagine if everyone on earth was your child, best friend, mom and dad, teacher, and spiritual guide all at once; Soon, you will come the revelation that each person has all of these things within them, then you can fully appreciate the relationship and the power of love completely untainted.


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