Flat Earth real Facts pointing towards the unbelievable


The basics of Flat Earth Facts.

FLAT EARTH SOCIETY Breaking news.:

New research discovered Earth is flatter than we have ever imagined,  with outer space still above us and molten lava below the earth’s surface. Scientists have found that if you put a level on the ground it does read flat.

One true fact as it is a basic

If the earth was a globe, a 4-foot level would read a 1/8 inch off.  This raises a question; why do we think the earth is a globe?  The elite Illuminati has control of all media and forms of teaching. Just think about it. When you first start school, you are taught the earth is circular. Only for the basic reason of insanity because we are living in a simulation. If you were born and realize the earth is flat and there’s nothing out there, why would you continue to be a citizen in society?

The Elites or the more notable ILLUMINATI running the world

The elites covered the entire flat earth up for the last 100 years, and they brought the Bible to human society to guide them and keep people under control for power. There are other ways to prove that the earth is flat. Have you heard of the flight patterns the planes take? If you layout a map, they go almost perfectly in a straight line. There is in-depth research on this particular topic. If you do your research, you can see the tricks they pull and how they actually fly the planes as if the earth is flat.

The conclusion would be it is. The majority of the population do not question it because they are sheep and believe whatever is brainwashed into them. If you take a quick look at these pictures with a normal camera, you can that the earth does not have a curve to it. It is flat and we just can’t see farther in the ocean because the normal human eyes are potentially maxed out for vision distance. Yet if you get binoculars, you can see a farther distance and no dropping of the curvilinear.

Integrating the simulation topic with the Flat Earth topic, they meet each other at another solid point.

The simulation produces a sun every day, and a moon every night.  The Sun and Moon are on a strict timer and never miss rising or setting.  The simulation also put certain individuals in complete control. These people form a group called the Illuminati, and they produce videos and media of solar exploration.

The trick is there is no space to explore. As for why the article on the Hologram moon is so INTERESTING. The Moon is a Hologram” — Could you justify that?

Use the security clearance actors to make it look like space discoveries in past public experience.  are still happening to keep the general population from questioning what’s going on up there. Thank you and there are more videos to come, SO please subscribe and like the video!

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