Evidences of alien base on Antarctica are being gathered

Evidences of alien base on Antarctica are being gathered

What comes to your mind when you first hear this word ‘Antarctica’? Most probably the coldest continent and the southernmost part of the planet located almost in the South Pole. However, the most important reason for that gave the limelight to the barren continent is the suspicion of the presence of an alien military base. There is evidence of many UFOs landings and sightings. As we all know that geodesic satellite stations are present in the uninhabited mysterious part of the continent. Through these stations, the GPS system of the rest part of the world is regulated having its position on the top of the plateaus or bottom of the mountains.

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Dozens of reports of geomagnetic disturbances due to the presence of some strange unidentified flying objects have been noticed in the Poles. It is mentioned that Google Earth also captured some alien, unknown elements or objects that have no resemblance with our terrestrial world. The crash landings on the ice, the underwater alien bases, and the obscure cloud formation give clues to the UFO hunters and extraterrestrial investigating agents to prove their point. Recently, in the month of April, a kind of hole is found in the Canadian Arctic Sea ice. It was mysterious and weird in appearance. It consisted of wave-like patterns never observed before by the involved scientists’ team. Just after that, a story related to the observation of these kinds of the strange incident was recognized. It was in the Siberian Arctic region that deep widening craters about 250 feet had been discovered in the past. Due to this, growing and large-sized almost perfectly round shaped stones are found in the same region. And if we talk about the Alaskan Arctic, peculiar floating blobs had been sighted. Yet the most interesting thing to consider is the spotting of a giant staircase that led to the underworld of Antarctica, the lost pyramids of the Atlantis and abandoned spaceships as claimed by the people. We can also say that because these Poles are nearer to the stars and other heavenly bodies, the Poles are becoming comfortable and easily accessible for them. Many historians like Pythagoras, Pythons, Mercator, etc have also claimed about awful things present in Antarctica. They also opine the incidents and objects to be paranormal.

However, these assumptions and lapses of imagination were given from a person’s personal experience. We are not sure whether these are any conspiracy theories or filtered and manipulated information from a far place. We don’t know whether Antarctica is an Alien base or not. Perhaps, the fragile ecosystem of the region is because of the infection caused by microorganisms gaining power due to the melting ice. The craters and fragmentation explored in Antarctica may also be the consequences of the human’s destructive activities itself.

Speaking honestly, as an individual, we can’t say for sure that whether these assumptions are correct or not. Apart from this Polar region remains almost isolated from the rest of the world and gathering the exact ongoing issues is somewhat hard. But spending some quality time thinking about the matter is something wonderful. If you are a curious-minded person and passionate about doing something outstanding, you must love this article. Do not forget to throw your views in the comment section.


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