Dulce Air Force historic intergalactic communication

Dulce Air force Base
Dulce Air Force Base

The Dulce Air Force historic intergalactic communication making history as featuring it in a news article. 


Dulce Air force Base
Dulce Air Force Base

Dulce Airforce base is on the map for the UFO community.

Whereas, Dulce Airforce base is in the location of the border of Colorado-New Mexico.

People may recognize the stories starting in the year 1979. With attention to, more facts as people publicly expressing their stories in the 1980s. Each one pointing to the real presence of alien existence.


Who and what is manifesting  

                      Individuals among the employees of Dulce Airforce base have recently release whistleblower stories.

Also, civilians in the local town are speaking out on the matters. For example, people are telling stories of several aliens in the local area. 

Such as reports commonly to reference a facility around Dulce, New Mexico. To clarify, the facility is the housing of secret government intelligence officers.

Again, reports show aliens are working, living, using the facility as well. In either case, the facility location is beneath the ground. 

The truth of the location in the search for Dulce hybrid alien base.

                        As Dulce Airforce is on the border of Colorado-New Mexico border. Important to realize is the location of the base resides in the state of New Mexico.

With the attention that is in New Mexico the town, it’s near is Dulce. In detail, this town having people that influence these stories from the local air force base. 

In addition, few people get the perception that the Airforce base is intermingling with aliens. That is to say, the story reports that the Reptilian aliens are under the Archuleta Mesa.


A conspiracy theory out from when and who first? 

This is the facts on the incident of who and where the Dulce alien base manifested. The earliest date recording of dulce airforce conspiracy is in 1979.

Notably, convincing the public is a man is a convincing man under the name of  Bennewitz.  
The first thing to remember, Bennewitz’s story is about how he previously having communications with an alien spacecraft. 

Including, Bennewitz recalling his memories from intercepting a spaceship from his electrics communications.  

Then in the 1980s, Bennewitz searching around Dulce undercovers a secret base under the ground. In this case, discovering a base isn’t abnormal as it’s near an Airforce base.

Aliens within the facility housing with humans. 

Furthermore coming with more details of aliens living among humans in the base. To put it another way, the airforce is harboring grey aliens.

 Lastly, Bennewitz speaking about the base reporting harboring aliens. Oddly, to clarify it looks as the reptilians and humans are living within the same facility.

Aliens UFO sightings
Aliens UFO sightings


overview of information on the dates of incidents. 


1979 – First official recording of a story from Bennewitz as he is intercepting of electronic communication of a spaceship. 

1980  – Beliefs of Bennewitz grow to find a base near Dulce harboring aliens and humans.

1987 –Second bigger public official releases confirming of a base. Notably, John Lear claiming and confirming it independently that the Ducle base is in existence.

1988 – Releasing of the first news story on the Dulce alien base. 

2016 – Residents of Dulce hosting the first Dulce Base UFO Conference at the casino hotel in town. 


First Releasing to the public by a News company. 


In the year 1988,  releasing of information for public awareness that Dulce may look like an alien base. Publishing of a news story with the title of  “UFO Base Found in New Mexico”.

Publishing of the story is from tabloid weekly world news.


Within the story, they are claiming

“Diabolical invaders from another solar system have set up a secret underground base. In the rugged mountains of northern New Mexico.

– So they can shanghai human guinea pigs for bizarre genetic experiments”.

 Explicitly, Tabloid news sourcing UFOlogist Leanard Stringfield as well as using quotes. However, Stringfield speaking out saying “I never read such a distortion of facts in my life”.


Grey aliens are not the only ones. 

Another side of the story with just the KEY facts. 


A whistleblower speaking on the intergalactic connection of satellites.

Surprisingly, rumors of an intergalactic connection through a variety of satellites in space have contact. 

Most compelling evidence comes from a new whistleblower. The first thing to remember, previously the man is working inside the base itself.  Another key point, supposedly he is the one operating the satellites at this time. 

With this in mind, Dulce alien story then breaking headlines. However, the headlines not only in the United States but across the world. 




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