Do you really think that the earth is flat?

is earth flat

“Humans are the best creation of the Almighty God” because of the extraordinary qualities gifted by Him. One of these qualities includes curiosity. Our curiosity is basically the reason behind all the different inventions, theories and discoveries and many misconceptions have been clarified.

However, we are here to discuss a rumour that is prevailed on the Internet via social media network interactions. Some of the over talented persons are claiming that the earth is flat in shape, rather than being oval, elliptical or geoid. Moreover, there also exists an organization called the Modern Flat Earth Society. According to the ideology of this society, the earth is a flat disc-shaped structure with Antarctica as the ice wall surrounding the disc. It is considered that the founder of the society was Samuel Shenton in 1956. At that time there exist fewer arguments in religious matters and teachings. Shenton reacted negatively about the pictures shown by the astronauts and the satellites claiming them to be deceptive. He further said that all these pictures are produced using wide angle lenses. The organization put emphasis on the facts depicted in the early history that the earth is flat with the magnetic north as the centre. Drastic cataclysmic events broke the massive Earth and divided it into different parts. These big and small parts are categorized into continents and islands. They believe in “extreme Biblical literalist theology” and issued many publications such as Flat Earth News and handled many membership applications under Johnson.

earth is flat

Seems quite complicated! But let’s think about this matter deeply. I mean think what if the Earth is flat! In my opinion, a lot of queries would arise like :

  • How would gravity act?
  • Shall we be able to calculate time-based on the time zones?
  • Will there be any life here?
  • How will the variations in seasons and occurrence of day and night happen?

And a lot more

Speaking honestly, if the Earth is flat, we won’t be able to go apart from the center of the earth easily. It would be laborious. As we all know that the force of gravity attracts even everything to its center. Maybe all the water bodies and trees and every content of the planet would get stuck to the center. The best part is that you can’t think of going to the edge because it has the risk of falling into space. Some believers of the “Flat Earth Theory” also say that the sun revolves around the earth. Just think then about the ridiculous situation, there will be no time zones, having continuous heat and light reception on the planet, causing no day and night cycle, no changes in seasons, no solar eclipses. Perhaps, it may also happen that the planet would get burned as there will be no geomagnetic field to protect the earth from the Sun’s radiation. The geomagnetic field is present in the core of the earth and holds the atmosphere. In this way, the atmosphere would also vanish. Then think,  without the ozone layer present in the atmosphere, the harmful cosmic rays would cause many fatal diseases like skin cancer and so on. There would be no GPS, no satellites, no navigation, no shadow variations, no synchronized time, and probably nothing.

You would be left with a dull and horrible situation. Survival will be almost impossible.

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