Disney Movie Frozen The Inside Story

Disney’s Sinister Frozen Cover Up Walt Disney

Disney’s Sinister Frozen Coverup Walt Disney was diagnosed with lung cancer in the early 1960’s, by 1966 he succumbed to death due to the severity of the cancer. During the 60s, cancer treatment wasn’t nearly as advanced as it is in 2019, with most taxpayer money going towards military funding.

All employees were required to sign confidentiality agreements, which required them to keep the severity of the cancer hidden, as he wanted to keep a positive image associated with his name. Before his death, Walt Disney invested millions of dollars into a private research company. Shortly after his investment in this research company, Disney World was shut down for renovations and the additions of rides.

This is what they want us to believe. The truth is, the research company and Walt Disney built an underground research facility under the park. This facility had two specific areas; cancer treatment and hypersleep or being cryogenically frozen. Walt Disney, being decades ahead of his time, hired top researchers and professors for his secret facility. After running countless trials to test safety, the cryogenic pods were proved to be worthy allowing Disney to step inside. Disney believed that he could wait out the cure for cancer in a hypersleep, once the cure was discovered, he would be awoken. His body is still rumored to be under the park to this day. A cure as not yet been discovered, at least to the public. There is no information on how long the pods are going to last. With the money Walt Disney was receiving while awake, many people speculate that he made a deal with the United States military to further research the pods for him and help conceal the center under Disney World.

Over the years there have leaks about the facility from varying levels of employees. There was even an episode of The Simpsons that discussed a frozen head being locked away deep inside secret channels throughout Disney World, hinting that the facility is real. There have been instances where employees that leak information to the public will be tracked down and later on vanish. If an employee does tell a friend, both people are removed and never to be heard from again. The average person, growing up on Disney, cannot accept the hard truth. An open mind will reveal everything.

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