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Into the Esoteric (Power of Belief)

Though the meaning of the word esoteric means information only understood by a specialized
group of people, it’s come to mean the knowledge that is generally hidden from the public eye.
Occultists, Magicians, Mystics, Alchemist, and Eastern Spiritualists explore the different ways to
bend reality at their own will and to expand personal realms of experience into the supernatural
or otherworldly. By exploring the most influential people in esoteric fields and their primary areas of study or practice, we can explore experiences that nobody could ever dream possible and possibly experience them for ourselves.

The Hierarchy of Higher-Dimensional Beings

The Principle of Vibration in the Kybalion states that every manifestation of Energy, Matter, Mind, and Spirit are in a constant state of vibration,...

How the “Principia Discordia” Restructured Chaos

Out of the deepest depths of the WW1 trenches that were filled with pain, suffering, and disease emerged technological advances that laid the groundwork...

The Seven Laws of The Universe

The following seven principles are laws in which the universe operates. To grasp a better understanding of the origin of these laws, it's highly...

Hermes Trismegistus: Master Magician

The Three Initiates present the Kybalion as a system of occult knowledge that reconciles all the opposing ideas presented by the various intellectuals that...

Portals to other worlds? Has Hell really come to Earth? Or...

Some things science just cannot explain. And these are no exception! Could they possibly be impressions from other worlds? Other dimensions? Or is it just that we are that clueless on what happens just beneath our feet?