Sunday, May 26, 2019
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Down the Rabbit Hole (Citizen Journalism)

A huge problem in the world of academics is not recognizing the validity of personal experience.
People have many experiences that fall outside the generally accepted bounds of reality, and
they are left to be ostracized or even ridiculed if they tried to share their story. Down the rabbit
hole acts as a medium for those experiences and leaves the reader to question the rules of what’s generally accepted as reality. This category acts as an unbiased platform for these stories
without the confusing sensationalism and bias that normal media presents considering any of
these ideas.

Arterial-Shaped Blood Clot Continues to Baffle Scientists

It is true that our world holds endless possibilities? There are many unexplainable incidents that take place every so often, leaving the American people...

Portals to other worlds? Has Hell really come to Earth? Or...

Some things science just cannot explain. And these are no exception! Could they possibly be impressions from other worlds? Other dimensions? Or is it just that we are that clueless on what happens just beneath our feet?